Jonathon Pollard.

Countless manoeuvres have been used to free Pollard, the Israeli spy imprisoned by the US 17 years ago. They are desperate to get him freed as repayment for his prolific information collection and transfer and now see him as a bargaining chip to use in the so called ‘peace process’. Israel will promise anything to get Pollard released, but would they keep their word once he was safely back in Tel Aviv? Historic evidence suggests not.

They have deceived the gullible PA so many times (or maybe Abbas just wants it to look that way) and do many things for a brief period before returning them as before, Palestinian fishing limits being a perfect example.

Netanyahu’s government and the previous Israeli authorities have been very good at promising a lot and actually giving nothing. Furthermore, should we expect integrity from the long list of Jewish terrorists that have proceeded to the highest Israeli government positions? The Palestinian people are in an impossible position with the IDF on one side and their traitorous leaders on the other. It would be very easy for the Israelis to continue their web of lies with regards Pollard and for it to be ignored by Western news agencies.

Israel remind me of the confident bully who knows they can’t be challenged by any government. So why does it think this way? The two hundred plus nuclear weapons they possess are one reason. They know that their thousands of crimes against the Palestinians have gone unnoticed and would have been ignored completely if it weren’t for a few independent and brave news agencies. The holocaust and it’s ‘never again’ narrative. Institutions like the Conservative Friends Of Israel here in the UK (over 80% involvement by the Conservatives and similar percentage in the Labour and Liberal parties) instil this confidence in Israeli politicians. They seem untouchable.

The British government even changed the law so that suspected Israeli war criminals (of which there are many) wouldn’t be under threat of arrest here. I think this particular law still needs to be tested.

The one thing they do fear is education of the masses with regards to their true nature and their prolific crimes against humanity. The Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement has created a chink in the armour, lets hope a chainsaw is available to finish the job off.


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