Living in a parallel world.

The Palestinians aren’t allowed to join UN bodies.

Israel decides what association’s it will join (conveniently they didn’t join the non proliferation treaty).

If Palestinian resistance create a minor hole in an unused field by firing a rocket, it’s terrorism.

If Israel wipe out a Palestinian family it’s justified by stating someone in the family was suspected of being involved in ‘terror activities’ (note the word suspected).

Unarmed Palestinians consistently attack IDF soldiers (who are) armed to the teeth (according to Israel sources).

IDF soldiers would never attack an unarmed person, but they do have a tendency to get in the way.

Israelis are incapable of doing wrong.

Palestinians always do wrong.

Israel holds thousands of Palestinian prisoners, many without any semblance of a fair trial.

The Palestinians had Shalit.

Israel’s illegal ‘settlers’ can destroy anything they like owned by Palestinians.

Palestinians get arrested if they complain.

An Israeli officer can empty his gun into a young innocent Palestinian girl.

An Israeli officer can be demoted for emptying his gun into young innocent Palestinian girl.

The Israel justice system is so distorted it’s obscene. For instance:

A former Israeli soldier is to serve 45 days in prison on charges in connection with the deaths of a Palestinian mother and daughter who were shot while waving white flags during the three-week war in Gaza in 2008-09.

Palestinians can be imprisoned for years on jumped up charges despite lack of evidence.

Israelis can sip exotic coffee at a trendy seaside bar.

Palestinians can sit in the unbearable heat in long queues waiting at check points for IDF  soldiers to decide if they can make their hospital appointment and  how late they will be.

Many other examples are available but what I can’t understand is how any human can treat another in such a despicable and criminal way.

Israelis should be thinking ‘if the misery we inflicted on them in the last 60 years won’t shift them, nothing will’ and of course in this particular instance, they would  be right.




One thought on “Living in a parallel world.

  1. OOO my country,the clangs of the iron shackles r teaching me the vigorous of the falcons and the tenderness of the optimist :}

    this is {hassan salamih} he led and masterminded {hamas”s} explosively operations 2avenge the assassination of {yahya ayyash~whom himself is 1of the palestinian resistance legends} that rocked israel thro 3 years with 46 zionists dead and 163 injured,
    he was captured and sentenced with 1175 years=48 life sentences+20 years,,,,thats how he reacted 2the absurdity of their so called justice!

    a journalist and his camera man r making a reportage about 1of the resistance martyrs…..en route 2his home in 1of gaza’s refugee camps-in its tiny narrow passages they lose sense of direction,
    they r stopped by the sight of a group of little youngsters whom playing football…..they approach them asking if any1 knows the house of the person in question,
    1of those kids who couldnt be more than 7 years of age pops up and say “i know it,i’l take u 2 it” then he turns 2his mates warning them if they dared 2 continue 2play without him,
    he starts skipping in a hurry infront of the 2men and at 1point they ask him how he knows that person?
    he answers with a ~SMIRK~ “OH,ITS MY FATHER”
    he leads them 2their destination,calls out 4his mother,she farewells him with a kiss and plea 2be cautious and safe…..he runs eagerly 2continue his game!

    during “shalit”‘s prisoners exchange in 2011 and at the headquarters of the PA in ramallah{which was 1of the destinations of the buses that carried the west-bank freed prisoners} where their families gathered in a huge reception…..1 old woman was enthusiastically-joyously dancing/singing/handing candies 2every hand she could reach/congratulating every1 with a ~WIDE SMILE~,
    when she was asked “whom 4u is getting out 2day?” she answered ~SMILING~ “” i have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren imprisoned -non- of them r getting out 2day,we’r in this sorrow 2gether,we’r in this happinesses 2gether…all of those r my children””!

    {ummiya jahha} 1of palestine’s most pronounced cartoonists…..her 1st husband was a member of “izz el_dien el_qassam” bridges,he got imprisoned in their wedding nite and mayter-ed not long after they let him go,
    her 2nd husband was also a member at the bridges he fell ill during gaza’s siege severe restrictions that closed rafah crossing completely on the face of the critically ill patients and he died shortly deprived from a proper treatment inside of gaza’s elementary hospitals,she appeared in his funeral ~ALSO SMILING~
    yet she rise each morning 2 paint a sketch urging the ppl 2rebel against the zionist apartheid!

    no1 can eloquently put 2words an image of a mother welcomes her mayter-ed child{we can be aged til 100 and still be our mother’s little children} with a ~SMILE~ on her face tho her heart is shattered 2a-billion pieces cuz he was granted the greatest honor;2die 4our “young sweetheart AKA PALESTINE”

    those r just few testaments,an astonishing symbols of sacrifice from their do-ers and those whom related 2 them,
    wuts phenomenal is that those arent isolated tell-tales,its a reality and living-style 4 4million palestinians whom contributing on daily basis 2 their continuous faith in a victorious war coming sooner or later,,,the byword 4 freedom!
    “”2 RESIST IS 2 EXIST”” thats the core,,,,,its adopting a resistance mentality!
    cuz its a survival war,hesitating is not an option,self pity is not an option,wavering our faith is not an option…..fighting 4 our identity is {ABIDING}

    palestine’s poet {mahmoud darwish} wrote:-
    “”u have stolen my vineyard and the land i used to till
    u havent left anything 4 my children except the rocks and i hear it said that:- “ur government will expropriate even the rocks”
    well then,register;
    i hate nobody neither do i steal but when i am made hungry then i will eat the flesh of my oppressor,beware of my hunger and my anger!””

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