Price tag.

Many Israelis believe that condemnation of Israel is equal to Jewish hatred, which of course is ridiculous. The’anti-Semitic” card is used with evermore regularity. Jewish hatred of other religions can be observed much easier and sadly it’s not just the extremist ‘settlers’ that are to blame. Most people these days couldn’t care less what religion anyone is.

The US bible belt Christians vehemently support Israel but the contempt with which some Israeli Jews hold Christians is very revealing. Personally, I don’t associate myself with any religion but have no problem about others affiliations/connections, each to their own. Disliking someone because of it is not logical.

Many people understand the Palestine/Israel conflict as religion based but it isn’t, it’s about gaining land. It doesn’t matter what religion someone is in the region, if Israel wants it, you’re out….Get ready for the bulldozers. The religion would make no difference whatsoever to the ‘serial land grabbers’.

To support this theory are a few pictures:

ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-CONFLICT-RELIGION-JERUSALEM settlers-graffiti-attack-vandalise-mosque-deir-istiya-village-near-ariel-settlement-arabs-out-and-revenge-fro-blood-spilled-in-qusra palestine-jerusalem-chuch-vandalised-price-tag-jesus-in-a-monkey


Intolerance against Jewish people is condemned world wide but how do the Israelis respond to other faiths? Seemingly not so well.


One thought on “Price tag.

  1. i admire ur sense of devotion and determination of using this blog as a platform 2support justice against oppressive rules and pointing 2 the violation of morals laws as u see it not as its presented 2 u and 2 the mass general….

    ….2 the common public and ignorants of the world, when israel represent their so-called story of struggling with a narrative they sewed in dissimulated manner of deception 2score pity in an intent 2lure the self-contained sympathizers and recruit them conveniently 2serve {jews r chosen by God purpose} unknowingly…..
    its not an immediate interest that effect their day2day life,they wouldnt spot the difference and put a thoughtful consideration that this isnt the truth cuz they dont seek knowledge!

    u’r courages enuff 2associate urself and be committed 2 a cause that u’v got no ties 2 nor 2 its ppl witn such proficiency and precision!
    ur capability of observing and delivering solid analyst and exposing the ugliness is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :}

    the generousity of ur soul inside illuminates thro ur words ^^

    and 2 address the topic of the post i am in and my point is a lot more superficial than profound :~/
    {israel} will never be a diverse state,,,,,not religiously nor ethnically and not in any aspect of social hierarchy!
    even in the structure of the jewish community theres racism amongst each-other and sense of superiority btw the fracture of that {jewish}society, theres class warfare,,,
    if u’r ashkenazim with resources and connections and protection…u’r an elite
    others r just their minions helping them 2 sustain the path 2 their holy war,,,A-pure product,,,,a necessity 2 out-number their enemies in militarily forces YET easily replaceable and disposable!

    christians and pal48 embrace and celebrate their palestinian identity and remain undeterred and unified behind it,,,,,they only integrate with the israeli society cuz its an imposed reality!
    thats a reason 4 the nazionist 2 put their hatred on wide display thro discrimination acts!

    its a religious war in a sense 2 obtain and maintain the land of israel while eliminating all God creatures in the process!
    but how any1 claim 2 fight on the name of God and hate humanity 2 such despicable degree?¿
    the answer is simple!
    {they’r mutant spawns created by zinon! narcissistic entitled degenerates….} I SAY!

    regards =^_^=

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