Brown Moses revisited.

I tried to reply to a post on the Brown Moses blog but for the second or third time, it won’t allow me to. Here’s what the self proclaimed Syrian expert Eliot Higgins wrote about a recent Seymour Hersh piece:


This was my attempted reply.

It’s understandable that you don’t give up on your months of trying to convict the Assad government, after all you’ve clearly spent a lot of time on the subject.

Inconclusive pictures of twisted bits of metal (which no one has the faintest idea where they came from). Furthermore your charge at Hersh about him wanting to make the narrative fit his story is ironic indeed after your concerted efforts to convict Assad relentlessly. The most damning evidence I found on the subject was in this video from the BBC:

At around 2 minutes 30 seconds the introduction of choreographed ‘victims’ begins. Quite apart from the amateurish acting, the sobbing Dr Rosa’s father is a prominent supporter of the terrorist mercenaries plaguing Syria. A fact that wasn’t mentioned by the BBC.




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