One comment on “Ed Miliband

  1. hiYYA! =^_^=

    wut comes 2 my mind in an instance is that,,,,
    the arabic media a while ago was ranting about “”khalid bin mohammed al_attiyeh”” who is “”qatar’s foreign minister”” pumping in2 an israeli journalist named “”raphael ahren”” who writes 4 “”times of israel”” during munich security conference not long ago,,,,
    during the brief encounter that lasted less than a minute the minster eagerly shocked hands with the journalist after he came 2 acknowledge his nationality and kept emphasizing loudly and warmly that “”we and israel r brothers!”” then b4 they departed 2 their own ways he au_revoir-ed him with an invitation 4 drinks and get 2gether,,,,
    this isnt the 1st episode of the PDA{public displays of affection} of tight political relation between {qatar+israel} “”hamad”” needs a botox injections 2 tighten his wrinkling cheeks cuz his jaws must be dwindling and aching from his wide giggles each-time he turn luvly-bubbly-wubbly-jubbly when he rendezvous with 1 of the {israelies}!

    this isnt an isolated incident “”normalization with israel”” is a policy that every leader-government-minster-politician is required 2 follow 2 the tee 2 be relevant and 2 reach the peek of their careers and 2 be beneficiary of the status the’v been given 2 the highest degree!
    who they’r kidding! “nazionists” and their lobbies and hasbara’s and lets not 4get their dominate alley r ruling the nations and their governments and parliaments 1 way or another :/

    israel is the destination 4 the a hopeful politicians whom allying support 4 their upcoming conquests,,,,
    2 matter u have 2 “”bow and kneel”” 4 the 1000 headed snake! 2 give them exceeding sympathy, gratitude and recognition!
    he tried 2 dodge the question of being a zinonist but kept giving an importance 2 his beliefs that “”israel is jewish land and its their rightful home”” but isnt that wut zinonist claim in another order of phrasing?
    he didnt confirm it yet didnt deny it!
    its the power of subtle suggestion or at least this is how it sounds 2 me,playing with words 2 suit the needs they’r trying 2 accomplish ^^
    he’s simply a power grabber,,,,a ship that lays its anchors where it can prosper!
    no different than any other shape-shifter!

    personally,i dont assert acquiring knowledge about his policies and points of views cuz 2 be honest yesterday morning was my 1st 2 get 2 know him,,,,
    i might be missing the bigger picture but thats my first inclination from 1 statement i’v read….so from this tight frame i preached :~d

    best regards and greetings :}

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