If there was ever any doubt….

..That governments can create seemingly independent groups that do their bidding for them, those doubts have been erased by the Syria conflict. Fighting for an Islamic caliphate would be understandable given their interpretation of their religious obligations but what about other and more important issues concerning Muslims? What about Palestinians? Shouldn’t there be an urgency to free them from the Zionist chains that are squeezing the life out of them without respite, each and every day?

Isn’t the Israeli persecution and the land theft from Palestinians a more critical cause than that of getting rid of Syria’s Assad? For instance, if Assad was the first target of the groups that have invaded Syria, (not forgetting that these groups were in place well before the ‘Assad out’ movement appeared) wouldn’t the next natural target be the Israeli occupation of Palestine?

There are many problems with this assumption. By toppling or weakening Assad they would be strengthening the Israeli position by removing the only military that would be able to put up anything like a decent fight against Israel’s unquenchable thirst for Arab land. The Lebanese Army didn’t lift a finger when Israel caused such widespread destruction in 2008 and if it weren’t for Hezbollah , the Israelis would have occupied up to the Litani river,  at least.

Isn’t Zionism harming more Muslims than secularism? I believe the Palestinians would think so.

So what can we make of Israel’s numerous illegal attacks on Syria during the conflict that has brought widespread misery to Syrians? The only thing I can conclude is that despite Israel insisting it has no preference to who controls Syria, it’s actions speak much louder than words. There have also been claims that Israeli field hospitals have been treating injured rebels and that Israel have been targeting Syrian soldiers and allowing the rebels to roam freely in the areas bordering the Golan Heights. The question also should be asked: Why does Israel prefer Islamic fundamentalists over Assad when the borders have been relatively quiet between the two for decades? Isn’t it Israel who have been demanding action on these ‘terrorists’ ever since 9/11?

Shouldn’t the groups fighting Assad target Israel as their main priority because they are doing much more harm to Muslims and slowly acquiring more Palestinian land as each day goes by?

Since the January 1st  2014 Israeli occupation authorities have handed out 191 demolition notices for Palestinian owned property and demolished 90 structures; that is 27 houses, 4 tents, 1 mosque, 4 water tanks, 3 public utilities, 8 commercial shops and 40 other structures.


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