Netanyahu: Does Abbas want peace with Hamas or peace with Israel?

Following discussions between Hamas and the PLO, it seems they might have come to an agreement to resolve their differences. I hope so, it’s long overdue and the credibility of Abbas can’t get much lower.

Netanyahu has concluded the PLO want peace with Hamas so they aren’t allowed peace with Israel which is rather odd. The evidence is there to prove that Netanyahu doesn’t want peace with the Palestinians and that this is the perfect excuse. In reality it isn’t an excuse. It’s a mind numbingly ridiculous declaration from the Israeli Prime Minister.

Here are the facts:

Palestinians are still being killed on a daily basis by IDF soldiers and are having their property and livelihoods destroyed whilst being harassed by so called settlers. Recently, a Palestinian was arrested because some settlers attacked him and his family. Even the Nazi’s weren’t so brazen.

Illegal ‘settler’ homes are increasing all the time, despite US appeals  to stop them. There is a stream of Israeli statement’s approving these homes. According to aid agencies, demolitions were at a 5 year high in 2013, hardly a peace inducing policy. It’s crystal clear that mainstream media ignore all the provocations by Israel.

An agreed prisoner release was halted.

Refusal to pay tax owed to the PLO knowing that it will civil unrest in the West Bank.

The Israeli plan is so obvious a blind man could see it. Prolong any semblance of a peace process while all the time demolishing Palestinians homes and building Israeli settlements on them. So simple yet so effective. Israel keep putting up obstacles and blaming Abbas.

Meanwhile Tony Blair is ‘constructively’ commenting on radical Islam , as he calls it.

I suggest Mr Blair keep his ideas to himself. After he and Bush had finished with Iraq , they had created more ‘radicals’ than Al Qaida (if it existed) could have done in years. Does he not know that the once ‘free to wear what they want’ women of Iraq are not allowed to dress as the please any more? Did he not realise he destroyed Iraq’s health service? Did he forget about the electric and water problems ‘we’ left them with? Did he forget about the billions of dollars stolen from Iraq with bogus reconstruction projects by Bechtel, KBR, Haliburton and their criminal colleagues? Blair does realise , he knows very well what they did, that’s why he want’s to do it in Syria , Lebanon and anywhere else he can try.

The world should say to Tony Blair: Thanks but no thanks.

….And then arrest him, not only for committing war crimes but because he has no regrets about the misery he created for millions of innocent people.


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