May Syria prevail.


Syrian chlorine attacks.

Dramatic headlines and reports are in the mainstream media (MSM) implying Assad has used chlorine gas to attack his own people. Assad’s hopes to be elected won’t be helped by such claims but having said that, the MSM have already condemned the Syrian election as a farce , particularly the US. May I remind my American friends that G W Bush juniors’ first election was not a good example of democracy at work. A  little research into Diebold will reveal more.

This recent gas attack claim is yet another attempt to allow foreign interference. It would appear that Assad’s forces are in the ascendancy and the friends of Israel won’t be too impressed because they want Syria well and truly fragmented with different factions fighting each other rather than be a unified threat to them. The chlorine story isn’t quite so clear cut as our media friends would have us believe. Here’s a report from just over a year ago which would suggest quite a different scenario from the one we are being told:

Radical Islamist militants have access to large quantities of chlorine gas that might have been used last month in a lethal strike near the Syrian city of Aleppo, Time magazine reported on Monday.

Jabhat al-Nusra, which the U.S. government classifies as a terrorist organization, seized control of Syria’s only chlorine gas production facility last August, according to factory owner Mohammad Sabbagh. While the facility is no longer in working order, there are approximately 400 containers on site, each containing 1 ton of chlorine gas.

Damascus and the Syrian rebels accuse each other of being behind the March 19 rocket assault that resulted in 31 fatalities and injuries to dozens more in the village of Khan al-Assal, Timereported. The United Nations is preparing to dispatch an expert teams to investigate whether a chemical weapons attack took place but not to determine blame.

“No one can know for certain, but if it turns out chlorine gas was used in the attack, then the first possibility is that it was mine,” Sabbagh said. “There is no other factory in Syria that can make this gas, and now it is under opposition control.”

Syrian businessman Faris al-Shehabi, who supports dictator Bashar Assad, said it was clear to him the rebels’ reason for capturing the chlorine factory last summer was to gain access to the chemicals inside. “We warned back then that chemical components were in the hands of terrorists, but no one listened,” he said in an interview.

While issue specialists question whether a recognized chemical warfare material such as sarin nerve agent or mustard gas was fired in the March incident, they acknowledge the possibility that a lower-level but still dangerous substance was used.

Some analysts are skeptical Syrian rebels have the technical capabilities to build even simple chemical arms. “Even if they had chemicals, where would they get access to a delivery system?” said Arms Control Association analyst Greg Thielmann. The more probable explanation is that the chemical casualties were a “side effect of a high explosive device that released a chemical in the vicinity.”

If Assad is so bad , why do they have to keep lying about him?

Such differing responses….

……To the murder of four people in a Synagogue in Belgium and the murder of a fifteen and seventeen year old last week in Palestine. The assassin/terrorists victims are quite rightly sympathised with in such a shocking event in broad daylight. Netanyahu screams that Europe doesn’t condemn these anti-Semitic crimes forcefully enough (and probably thinks they don’t try hard enough to find the culprits). He’s entitled to his opinion.

So while the Belgium Police Force try to establish a motive and apprehend the killer lets turn to what Israel is doing to apprehend the killer of these two young men in Palestine. No Police time wasted here , they were IDF soldiers and were caught on video killing these two lads in cold blood and in broad daylight , just as the the Belgium victims were. I haven’t heard Netanyahu condemn these brutal murders nor have I heard him promise to bring the killers to justice. In fact , I can’t recall him mentioning it.

Surprised? Not in the slightest. This is a familiar pattern. Kids are picked off at will by ‘the most moral army in the world’ (don’t laugh) on a regular basis. The fact that Netanyahu never mentioned these killings recently is because they certainly aren’t unusual. Furthermore, I would suggest there is another reason to the dramatically different responses to these two crimes.

Jewish lives are valuable….. Palestinian lives aren’t. The deaths of two Israelis and the other two victims in Belgium (both Israelis had worked in Israeli embassies) are treated by the media quite rightly with disgust, but what about the two teenagers in Palestine …. Did you know about them?

It’s widely accepted that any Israeli who has worked in an embassy is a member of the Israeli security forces…… Spies. Bearing that in mind, two of the Belgium victims might be regarded as being legitimate targets for anti-Israel forces. Start meaningful proceedings against the killers of the two Palestinians and I may give a second thought to the Synagogue victims. It’s time to show some even-handedness in the Palestine/Israel conflict (slaughter). It’s time to condemn every death connected to it with equal gravity. Every human life should be protected, not just a certain few.

The CIA confirms….

I just saw this article on the BBC website, here is a quote:


The CIA has ended the use of vaccine programmes in its spying operations amid concerns for the safety of health workers, the White House has said.

In a letter to US public health schools, a White House aide said the CIA stopped such practices in August.

The CIA used a fake vaccine programme to try to find Osama Bin Laden before US special forces killed him in 2011.

The CIA’s move comes after a wave of deadly attacks by militants on polio vaccination workers in Pakistan.


Their ‘concern’ is far too late to save countless lives from terrorism but even more importantly it has destroyed the polio vaccination program that has been preventing thousands of children from getting the disease. The vaccination program is in ruins and polio is now spreading around the world at a worrying rate. The US government are responsible for this crime against humanity and every effort to apprehend the perpetrators should be made. This should anger every decent person with a conscience. Needless to say , I can’t see that many Americans losing sleep over it.

Elliot Higgins/Brown Moses and his selective blindness.

After trying to prove for months how Assad killed his own people with chemical weapons  (using his bogus weapons expertise) Mr Higgins has completely missed the slaughter in Dara Province of  an unknown number of Syrian soldiers . Some crazy group of fruit-cases can be seen gloating over the deaths and kicking the dead victims. I’m sure Mr Higgins will need much more convincing evidence than these soldiers in their fatigues strewn across Dara without any trauma injuries. I would like to question Mr Higgins on his own blog but his ‘security setup’ all but requires my home address, even though my WordPress history proves I’m not a spammer. Maybe Mr Higgins doesn’t like awkward questions.

Is it anti-Semitic to…….

…criticise a Jew?

…condemn a segregation driven policy for a Jews only state?

…condemn the US supplied jets with the star of David motif on them that rain terror on Palestinians almost every day?

…condemn the treatment (mainly) Jewish soldiers subject Palestinians to every day with every checkpoint they force them through?

…complain about very limited aspirations Palestinians are allowed in their education and (subsequently) professional lives because of deliberate Jewish policies?

…complain about apartheid like restrictions imposed on none Jews?

…complain and condemn the drip-drip of confiscated Palestinian homes routinely bulldozed by Jews?

…complain about the brutal treatment of none Jews and the daily incarceration of none Jewish children?

The common factor is the prejudice and intimidation of Muslims and Christians by another religion …Jews. It can’t go on forever and the Palestinians have proven beyond any doubt that they will continue to resist the Zionist agenda and no matter what the Jews from within Israel and all it’s supporters beyond try to do, they will not be persecuted into submission, no matter how long they are oppressed and victimised.

If I had been alive before and during the second world war, I would have defended Jews in much the same manner against the Nazis. However , I wouldn’t have encouraged them to try to take other peoples homes to escape their misery.