Syrian chlorine attacks.

Dramatic headlines and reports are in the mainstream media (MSM) implying Assad has used chlorine gas to attack his own people. Assad's hopes to be elected won't be helped by such claims but having said that, the MSM have already condemned the Syrian election as a farce , particularly the US. May I remind my American … Continue reading Syrian chlorine attacks.

Elliot Higgins/Brown Moses and his selective blindness.

After trying to prove for months how Assad killed his own people with chemical weapons  (using his bogus weapons expertise) Mr Higgins has completely missed the slaughter in Dara Province of  an unknown number of Syrian soldiers . Some crazy group of fruit-cases can be seen gloating over the deaths and kicking the dead victims. I'm … Continue reading Elliot Higgins/Brown Moses and his selective blindness.

Is it anti-Semitic to…….

...criticise a Jew? ...condemn a segregation driven policy for a Jews only state? ...condemn the US supplied jets with the star of David motif on them that rain terror on Palestinians almost every day? ...condemn the treatment (mainly) Jewish soldiers subject Palestinians to every day with every checkpoint they force them through? ...complain about very limited … Continue reading Is it anti-Semitic to…….