Is it anti-Semitic to…….

…criticise a Jew?

…condemn a segregation driven policy for a Jews only state?

…condemn the US supplied jets with the star of David motif on them that rain terror on Palestinians almost every day?

…condemn the treatment (mainly) Jewish soldiers subject Palestinians to every day with every checkpoint they force them through?

…complain about very limited aspirations Palestinians are allowed in their education and (subsequently) professional lives because of deliberate Jewish policies?

…complain about apartheid like restrictions imposed on none Jews?

…complain and condemn the drip-drip of confiscated Palestinian homes routinely bulldozed by Jews?

…complain about the brutal treatment of none Jews and the daily incarceration of none Jewish children?

The common factor is the prejudice and intimidation of Muslims and Christians by another religion …Jews. It can’t go on forever and the Palestinians have proven beyond any doubt that they will continue to resist the Zionist agenda and no matter what the Jews from within Israel and all it’s supporters beyond try to do, they will not be persecuted into submission, no matter how long they are oppressed and victimised.

If I had been alive before and during the second world war, I would have defended Jews in much the same manner against the Nazis. However , I wouldn’t have encouraged them to try to take other peoples homes to escape their misery.







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