This wall is an abomination.





Screenshot from 2014-05-08 15:39:58

Screenshot from 2014-05-08 15:41:24

Screenshot from 2014-05-08 15:41:07

What civilised country could build this disgusting monstrosity?




One thought on “This wall is an abomination.

  1. g-ish’afternoon 2 u /(~_~)\

    it seems 2 me like a klutzy stiff-necked zionist had this immaculate solution popping all of a sudden in his demented head and thought “”voila,the more sadistic i get the more my morally crippled mother{israel} will be pleased!””
    then it was greeted with a hearty reception amongst the thugs council –> they seasoned it with turns and twists 2 serve their ulterior motives —> 2 be finalized and parturient-ed in2 reality with a dividing wall which defects,abstracts and severely implicates the lives of palestinians,
    which also isolates them,forces them in2 living in an unconnected sectors of cantons/cages like helpless creatures with more arbitrary punishments and detentions in a big-wide jail!
    was it signed with a secret ink at oslo93? I SUSPECT

    do they attribute the halting of martyrdom/redemption missions 4 it yet? as it was 2 serve that announced purpose!
    tho its purely a decision taken by the palestinians resistance fronts 4 the time being 2 steer away the barbaric retaliation operations{not that they need a reason!} that harvest innocents and dosent exclude any life-being,
    seems 2 me like a reasonable thing 2 do since we arent in the best shape 2 defend or attack their artillery!
    nor we’r capable 2 debate them! WE R floundering politically without an essential unity 2 begin with!
    إستراحة المحارب
    add 2 that, theres over 1.5{1,658,000 2 be more accurate} palestinian guerrillas amongst the counted population of israel :}
    theres no need 2 sneak in2 it! they’v always been in it and they arent moving an inch! israel is fully aware of that *ticking bombs*
    wut wall will stop those!

    that day u commented on {bbibbi”s} pushing israel in2 being defined as jewish by the basic law,,,
    since the constitution isnt {fully formed and theres no deadline 4 it 2 be finalized or merged with the basic law}
    the basic law/is an unwritten branch of it,,,just a way of interpreting day2day precedents and rulings 2 their advantage! they can manipulate it as they wish and not be asked since its under progression!
    the basic law/is the flag they wave and weave their legalization under,the shield they hide their savagery actions behind!
    they built that wall by laws was devised and derived from it!
    wut they tell the world is “‘we’r abide by the law{OUR LAW!}””

    and take this in2 considerations,,,,
    the ISRAELI state border-lines never been drawn and they refuse 2 draw it with the palestinians simply cuz their vision of that r described long-long ago by a high ranking military man of them who said “”our border/lands r where our artillery tanks reach and our soldiers feets last step””
    its a developing state on the eyes of its NAZIZINOSTS! never a done deal!
    how come they’r willingly drawing a gigantic wall around them unless its serving a demeaning purpose of psychologically breaking their opponent!
    its not a border,its as u said,..its an un-engaged direct combative tool

    i regard u :}

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