The CIA confirms….

I just saw this article on the BBC website, here is a quote:


The CIA has ended the use of vaccine programmes in its spying operations amid concerns for the safety of health workers, the White House has said.

In a letter to US public health schools, a White House aide said the CIA stopped such practices in August.

The CIA used a fake vaccine programme to try to find Osama Bin Laden before US special forces killed him in 2011.

The CIA’s move comes after a wave of deadly attacks by militants on polio vaccination workers in Pakistan.


Their ‘concern’ is far too late to save countless lives from terrorism but even more importantly it has destroyed the polio vaccination program that has been preventing thousands of children from getting the disease. The vaccination program is in ruins and polio is now spreading around the world at a worrying rate. The US government are responsible for this crime against humanity and every effort to apprehend the perpetrators should be made. This should anger every decent person with a conscience. Needless to say , I can’t see that many Americans losing sleep over it.


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