Such differing responses….

……To the murder of four people in a Synagogue in Belgium and the murder of a fifteen and seventeen year old last week in Palestine. The assassin/terrorists victims are quite rightly sympathised with in such a shocking event in broad daylight. Netanyahu screams that Europe doesn’t condemn these anti-Semitic crimes forcefully enough (and probably thinks they don’t try hard enough to find the culprits). He’s entitled to his opinion.

So while the Belgium Police Force try to establish a motive and apprehend the killer lets turn to what Israel is doing to apprehend the killer of these two young men in Palestine. No Police time wasted here , they were IDF soldiers and were caught on video killing these two lads in cold blood and in broad daylight , just as the the Belgium victims were. I haven’t heard Netanyahu condemn these brutal murders nor have I heard him promise to bring the killers to justice. In fact , I can’t recall him mentioning it.

Surprised? Not in the slightest. This is a familiar pattern. Kids are picked off at will by ‘the most moral army in the world’ (don’t laugh) on a regular basis. The fact that Netanyahu never mentioned these killings recently is because they certainly aren’t unusual. Furthermore, I would suggest there is another reason to the dramatically different responses to these two crimes.

Jewish lives are valuable….. Palestinian lives aren’t. The deaths of two Israelis and the other two victims in Belgium (both Israelis had worked in Israeli embassies) are treated by the media quite rightly with disgust, but what about the two teenagers in Palestine …. Did you know about them?

It’s widely accepted that any Israeli who has worked in an embassy is a member of the Israeli security forces…… Spies. Bearing that in mind, two of the Belgium victims might be regarded as being legitimate targets for anti-Israel forces. Start meaningful proceedings against the killers of the two Palestinians and I may give a second thought to the Synagogue victims. It’s time to show some even-handedness in the Palestine/Israel conflict (slaughter). It’s time to condemn every death connected to it with equal gravity. Every human life should be protected, not just a certain few.


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