Scaremongering NIMBY’s.

Here in the UK, NIMBY's is a euphemism for 'not in my back yard'... Meaning a person only decides something is bad if it's on his doorstep, but doesn't mind if it's on someone else's. It seems the British government didn't mind UK radicals going to Syria but as an afterthought realised they could just … Continue reading Scaremongering NIMBY’s.


Netanyahu and the Kurds.

Netanyahu doesn't praise anyone for no reason. His support of a Kurdish state inspired me to investigate his reasoning. It's been reported that Israel have within days of the Kurds taking control of the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, been the recipients of an oil tanker (probably through a third party). I am unaware whether the … Continue reading Netanyahu and the Kurds.


Recent events in Iraq appear to be making life even worse for the average person. A small but seemingly determined group of terrorists have made a reasonably well equipped Iraqi army simply disappear. What is going on? I don't know but there are strong suggestions that ISIS are well funded by the Saudi government and … Continue reading Oil.