I’ve just been reading a pro-Israeli blog and couldn’t help laughing at a picture they put up parodying one used by many pro-Palestinians. Here it is:

lying  maps

They got it right with ‘lies’. None of these claims are supported by reality. The first claim that it was British isn’t true. However, if it was true, why did the Jewish terrorists blow up the King David hotel and eventually drive the British away through a campaign of terrorism? The region was just a small part of many supposedly conquered regions known as the British Empire. Because in ‘our’ arrogance, we decided we owned it, doesn’t suddenly make it uninhabited.
The second point is a lie but very cleverly used by Israel to convince us black is white. Israel used negotiations not just to strengthen their position but also provide time to remove Palestinians and continue the land grab. Every Israeli politician that has been involved in negotiations haven’t been able to stop themselves from boasting of how they stitched the Palestinians up.
Three. The statement the pro Zionists used in number one is being turned around now. Wasn’t it called the British Mandate for Palestine? Why not British mandate for Jordan?
Four. Thieves cannot justify themselves by claiming that they ‘gave’ away anything. Not in the real world anyhow


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