Recent events in Iraq appear to be making life even worse for the average person. A small but seemingly determined group of terrorists have made a reasonably well equipped Iraqi army simply disappear.
What is going on? I don’t know but there are strong suggestions that ISIS are well funded by the Saudi government and perhaps the Qatar regime too. Maybe the Iraqi oil output had increased to levels that Saudi Arabia thought will adversely affect their prestige or profit. Either way, the Saudis seem to be a law unto themselves and we can only hope their oil wells dry up and they blow all their riches on beautiful western ladies and drinking alcohol at casinos. Do what they say, not as they do.


One thought on “Oil.

  1. hiyya =^_^= good take :}

    amerika manufactured and sponsored “the islamist radicals” from their conception in the halls of the CIA{upon their humiliating defeat in vietnam and the USSR taking over afghanistan} –> in2 cradling them in a highly organized camps …exp. camp david-egypt,peshawar-pakistan! til they were ripe and skillful enuff 2initiate a war on behalf of the us
    so,.,.,amerika pretty much was still licking it wounds and 2OO-PROUD 2engage in a direct war on the ground out of fear of another hitch that compromises their status ,., they favored a cold 1 and those “RELIGIOUS PONS” were 1 of its tactics
    and it was “”ISLAM”” cuz most of the countries that they’r intending 2exploit at this {on-going} distinct period of their never-ending pursuit of draining the vitality of planet earth r following that faith and lets not 4get the zionism factor!

    ….creating those sells in the 1st place was 4
    1} 2crush the russians after the invasion of afghanistan cuz they supported the vietnamese previously
    and after amerika getting a sigh of relief from the russians retreat and putting the vietnam complex behind …it was the GET-GO SIGN 4 those gangsters 2erupt in2 their secondary mission{the most conclusive 1}
    which is,., 2} prepare them 4 their role in the bigger plan which they’l serve upon their return in2 their native countries!
    so,.,.,they started where it all begun….
    after fighting the russians united ,,.,, some troops went home 2 fulfill their destiny and some stayed and segmented in2 smaller groups and turned in2 each others{snake eating itself} til “taliban” came along {another branch thats been generated in the same cia conference rooms as the previous missionary squads} {mixture btw tribalism and an extreme take on islam that rarely been presented in the islamic history and is isolated from the period that the world developed in2}
    and its birth came along with a sole purpose of taking over and eliminating all the sneaky jihadists who were bold 2 defy their bosses orders…
    they also spread in2 yemen,iraq,sudia,mali,nigiria,.,.,a few of many countries they inhabited and disturbed and drove in2 civil wars and if not creating fractions btw its pillars while flying “excommunication” 2eliminate whom-ever opposes their agenda
    2engineer and creat later on another devil {al-qaida} 2raise the flag high 4 wuts yet 2come….

    amerika sparked and instigated agitation in every religion, doctrine and ethnicity cuz the moderate 1s r who seek peace and stability and solving problems by negotiations not armory while she’s following the colonialism principle of “”divide and rule”” 2weaken countries and societies 2make it frail!

    algeria{the land of the million martyrs} as arabs like 2describe it cuz its civil war harvested that number in the 90’s,.,it was the darkest era they’v ever experienced and it almost demolished the algerian state which established after 1 of the most pronounced revolutions in the 19’s century
    ….2expand in2 various examples where the amerikan ideology and servants nested and dug roots 2terrorize under the veil of “”islam””!
    and wut makes it easier 4 those hoodlums 2flourish is that some countries adopt their mentality and hire their services 4 seasonal profits assuming they’l easily let go of their tight grip when the deal is done,.,4getting the duplicity of those groups! cuz they serve their own work-frame!
    “”ali abdallah sali7″” and saudie-arabia r the 1’s who planted al-qa3ida in yemen and southern of the kingdom 2multiple and stretch rapidly in few years 2knock down the competition and soliciting 4 foreign aid 2fight terrorism while evading their request of political reformations ,.,., yet they ditch him shortly afterwards cuz his effect got expired!
    so,..,terrorism as a whole is a red-line when it jeopardizes and threatens their interests or reach their boarder-lines but its cheered when it serve!
    …and wut happens in syria and iraq is a living testament and proves without a shred of doubt that those gangs got no intention 2 construct but destruct in-waiting 4 the promised array…
    and all those who’r orchestrating its operations r in hiding yet engaging 2 maintain their end-game share and profits!
    lets not 4get …its dismembering policy! iraq,syria,egypt r the candidates and poweful triangle that got strong state+army+civil structure and institutions 2lead the arabic world in2 unity against the greedy vultures….
    all i see is an extension/off-spring of all those brain-washed slugs colliding with corrupted spineless traders who’r selling their brothers and childrens blood 4 money and status :/

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