2 comments on “Bring back our boys….

  1. g’morninj ^^

    as 4 the hashtag itself #bringbackourboys as a replicate and follow up 2 the #bringbackourgirls movement that drew huge support, sparked an uproar, rallied against the counter enemy and given sympathy 2ward the nigerian teenagers thro the mainstream social media and as a civil campaign,,,, this was a FLOP *grin*

    it had 2 be changed 2 other key-tags cuz the palestinians and pro-palestine supporters took over it and flooded the web using it 2 expose the criminal zombie state and bare its activities against palestinian children and minors from their merciless executions of infants 2 the daily breaches of humanitarian rights and laws thro the manic atrocities they artistically lead 2 steal their innocence,…
    it was also a default in leaping widely beyond the zinoists themselves and in gaining the intended purpose behind this propaganda that they had 2 express their frustration of the snub by showing verbal resentment 2 a degree of animosity 4 those whom failed 2 spawn a response 2 their egotistic howling cry-wolf and 4 denying them from scoring pity and proper high scale of attention
    …,they’v failed 2 raise 2 the spotlight and draw an audience that gives them the approving OK 4 a justification 2 carry on their obscene actions under the pretense of self-defense!

  2. tho that isnt the clip i wanted 2 attach and there’s no fixing button,it fits the caricature!
    a young man trying 2 maneuverer his way thro soldiers and he out-beats them like a football pro :}

    :/ 1 of thousands of clips that showcases how simultaneously at every minute of each day they’r vulnerable 2 be easily terminated,targeted,seized,petrified and harassed by force of a cribbed psychopaths in an unfitted uniform!

    regards 2 u 🐱

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