Bring back our boys….

..Is the slogan being used to encourage the release of 3 Jews allegedly kidnapped by terrorists close to Hebron recently. Whatever has happened to them, the predominantly Muslim population of the West Bank and Gaza have little, if any sympathy.
Israel constantly abduct Palestinians and hold them under ‘administrative detention’ regulations which effectively give Israel the option of keeping them incarcerated for as long as they want and don’t have to charge them with any crimes. Is official Israeli kidnapping any different to the Palestinians seizing hostages? Israel is the self appointed champion of democracy in the Middle East, so how can they imprison people without any semblance of fair judicial process which most of the so called civilised world* adhere to? Because they are Israelis and they have to endure specific threats that the rest of us don’t have to. Such as?
Well, the threat of a near neighbour who it is alleged wants to drive them into the sea. I think if I were regarded as subhuman by an overbearing supremacist occupation force that limits my travel and suppresses even my most basic aspirations to better myself, I would be a little resentful. If this occupation held me in a small region and disregarded my human rights on a daily basis, I might want to do more than drive them into the sea. The list of grievances the Palestinians hold against Israel could fill a book. Justifiable grievances.
But they are only kids. So are the 700 Palestinian minors that go through the Israeli military courts every year, mostly accused of throwing stones (evidence is hardly ever provided). The absolute disparity of living standards and lifestyle between the Israeli and Palestinian communities means that Palestinian sympathy won’t be forthcoming any time soon but who can blame them. Certainly not me.

* I wasn’t implying the judicial system around the world is by any means fair. If you’ve got lots of money you can avoid almost any charges and even if you do get charged you can buy the craftiest most deceptive lawyer money can buy. However, even this corrupt system is far superior to what the Palestinians endure at the hands of the Israeli’s. Even for children a 99% conviction rates are the norm.


2 thoughts on “Bring back our boys….

  1. g’morninj ^^

    as 4 the hashtag itself #bringbackourboys as a replicate and follow up 2 the #bringbackourgirls movement that drew huge support, sparked an uproar, rallied against the counter enemy and given sympathy 2ward the nigerian teenagers thro the mainstream social media and as a civil campaign,,,, this was a FLOP *grin*

    it had 2 be changed 2 other key-tags cuz the palestinians and pro-palestine supporters took over it and flooded the web using it 2 expose the criminal zombie state and bare its activities against palestinian children and minors from their merciless executions of infants 2 the daily breaches of humanitarian rights and laws thro the manic atrocities they artistically lead 2 steal their innocence,…
    it was also a default in leaping widely beyond the zinoists themselves and in gaining the intended purpose behind this propaganda that they had 2 express their frustration of the snub by showing verbal resentment 2 a degree of animosity 4 those whom failed 2 spawn a response 2 their egotistic howling cry-wolf and 4 denying them from scoring pity and proper high scale of attention
    …,they’v failed 2 raise 2 the spotlight and draw an audience that gives them the approving OK 4 a justification 2 carry on their obscene actions under the pretense of self-defense!

  2. tho that isnt the clip i wanted 2 attach and there’s no fixing button,it fits the caricature!
    a young man trying 2 maneuverer his way thro soldiers and he out-beats them like a football pro :}

    :/ 1 of thousands of clips that showcases how simultaneously at every minute of each day they’r vulnerable 2 be easily terminated,targeted,seized,petrified and harassed by force of a cribbed psychopaths in an unfitted uniform!

    regards 2 u 🐱

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