ISIS (or whatever they want to be called)

ISIS are a fraud. Anyone who joins the ranks of ISIS is also a fraud. I have particularly disdain for British people going to fight for them because unlike many around the world they have had a ‘reasonable’ education and access to all the gizmo’s that allow us to find out for ourselves the truth about state deceptions. With the best education in the world, we still have to negotiate the crap that is used to confuse us.
ISIS don’t need much research. Neither do Israel, nor Saudi Arabia. Both countries are supporting ISIS to weaken any opposition or threat to their regional supremacy (although why Israel, sitting on a nuclear weapons stash that could literally end all life on earth need to get involved, I don’t know….Probably blood lust).
So there you have it my (British) freedom fighting friends. What is it like to fight for the the very people who make your brothers and sisters lives a misery in Palestine? Are you proud as you set up your video recorder for another outrageous propaganda clip filmed for YouTube? Are you proud to have deceived your families about your destination or were you just too embarrassed to tell them you’d been conned by the local Imam (who hardly ever sends his children to these war zones)?
Oh, by the way try and lose the ‘inner city street cred’ British accents can you? Brit’ sounding extremists don’t come across as that menacing.


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