One comment on “Netanyahu and the Kurds.

  1. {torture methodology!}

    they pumped water from the well 2 the tank and from their …they let it go 2 waste in2 the ground!
    where those ppl whom relentlessly call 4 the vitality of earth and its fertile lands 2 come and sE_E?
    and how come “”GOD’s chosen ppl”” deprecate his grace in such un-greatfull manner?

    when the infamous oslo accords were negotiated israel made sure that it gains full control over area C{which contains the most of the westbank water resources} 4 security concerns and 2 the conspirators horror it was security and much more wut they’v given up and signed blindingly at!
    and since the zinoists control the water supplies in westbank at highest percentage and sell it 4 high prices 2 palestinians they resort 2 cutting off and restrict its usages as they please which effects the income if its dependent on farming that ofkourse if the land isnt already stolen by the herds of settlers,…
    and if some1 have ability 2 build their own home well ,…israel goes and find reasons 2 decline their efforts

    tx 4 ur post :~d

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