Scaremongering NIMBY’s.

Here in the UK, NIMBY’s is a euphemism for ‘not in my back yard’… Meaning a person only decides something is bad if it’s on his doorstep, but doesn’t mind if it’s on someone else’s. It seems the British government didn’t mind UK radicals going to Syria but as an afterthought realised they could just as easily come back to the UK in the form of battle hardened extremists. I was thinking it was as if they had an ‘oh no’ moment but the reality is, they need a threat to justify the disgraceful amounts we spend on security and intelligence. They also need the reason to do their illogical snooping and data harvesting on every one of us. The industrial military complex the Americans talked of needs an enemy, I doubt the UK is much different. In the unscrupulous and morally bankrupt world of big business we all know to what extremes they will go to just to get their share prices a little higher. Imagine what the owners of weapons factories might do if the world suddenly became a more peaceful place. I don’t think most of the general population understand the nature of these psychopaths that tell our politicians what they are going to do. They don’t get to the top of the tree by playing to rules and being a considerate human being. Most are (without exaggerating) criminally insane. We don’t have a monopoly on these people, there are even better examples in America.
US foreign policy is all over the place too, with recent reports Obama wants to supply moderate Syrians with weapons and as many experts have said, you simply don’t know if someone is a moderate. Does Obama think that simply asking them will reveal the truth? Is he that stupid? No, he isn’t so there must be an agenda and reasoning to his bizarre application for $500 million.
My own view is that he believes the Syrian Army has got the upper hand so he’s trying to give the terrorists a boost to level things out a little. There is only one reason for that and it’s to keep the SAA and the terrorists occupied so they are unable to defend themselves against the terrorist IDF, if and when they decide to attack. Why has there not been international condemnation of Israeli attacks on Syria over the last two years. They have admitted to knowing rebels are active on the Golan Heights border, but every tiny thing that has happened, (and most is not evidence supported) Israel has simply attacked Syria. The world remained silent. Israel can literally do as it pleases. Netanyahu is a lying piece of shit and what little credibility and integrity Israel have ever had has disappeared under his tenure.


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