Just one more thing …. (continuing from my last post)

…Why are the American people not saying something about THEIR government offering a $5 million reward for someone murdered in a foreign land? Shouldn’t US citizens be given the benefit of their generosity first (actually it’s not their generosity, it’s without doubt tax payers money)? Is the American justice system in such good shape they can concentrate on foreign crime detection?

Anyhow, fair enough , let’s accept that the US can afford to put out a bounty on one of its dual citizens. I’mm sure people can still remember the Mavi Marmara incident where a young man called Furkan Doğan (US/Turkish citizen) was brutally executed by IDF forces ‘defending themselves’ while attacking a ship, a bit of a contradiction there but lets ignore that. I’m sure the US government voiced their concerns concerning Furkan but I cannot recall condemnation or diplomatic repercussions … I certainly cannot remember a $5 million reward being offered and if I was the cynical type, I could speculate that it was related to their different faiths the two young men held.


Senate bill initiated for murdered Jewish students.

The US is trying to appropriate a $5 million reward for information that leads to the killers of the three (2 Israeli and 1 American) Jews killed close to the West Bank. I can confirm that I won’t be claiming the money, it can be donated to the people of Gaza. I request the arrest of one BenjaminBibiNetanyahu and some of his cabinet ministers. If enough pressure is brought to bear on these informers , I am convinced they will give the names of the murderers. I’m  also sure that because of their ideology and approval of suspects being tortured to gain information from them in the past, that it is only proper that these suspects be ‘pressurised’ whether they are compliant or not.

My reasoning is that several of these informers were unequivocal in their certainty that they knew who had committed the murder of the three students, so much so that they actually had the homes of the two (convicted? suspects?) demolished very quickly after the bodies had been found. I could be very cynical and comment on the convenience of the amount of time it took to find the bodies… Just long enough to arrest 500 Palestinians in the West Bank allegedly for being connected to Hamas. The intermittent period was also convenient for Israel to prepare the assault on Gaza but maybe I have a suspicious mind.

I also understand from my contacts in the region that the US is also offering a 10 dollar reward for information that leads to the arrest of the suspects who gave the cousin of Muhammad Abu Khdeir (the Palestinian kidnapped and burned alive) a severe beating.  I can also help them with this inquiry too, although I’m not as sure as Bibi was with regards the student killers. The guilty were IDF soldiers or perhaps Israeli police officers. I know that’s not very precise but it certainly has to help …And after all it is only a $10 reward.

Bare faced liars and hypocrites.

TV news cannot pass without a smarmy looking, self-righteous, hypocritical and lying IDF/Israeli government spokesperson blaming Hamas for all the innocent dead civilians in Gaza. It must be Hamas that’s creating a buffer zone to cram the Palestinians in an even smaller area. When they kept repeating ‘terror tunnel’s’, I knew it would be an excuse for some even nastier treatment to be inflicted on the people of Gaza.  It must be Hamas who have just shelled a market placing killing who knows how many. Hamas that attacks UN safety zone …..

It doesn’t matter if nutty Netanyahu employ’s the ‘sincere sounding Englishman with a slightly London accent’ or Mark ‘the friend of Palestinian’s Regev’ to express how they are going to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties… It’s starting to wear thin. Israel need new spin strategies because the people are working them out. I’ve got a good idea …How about they stop killing Palestinian women and children with such ease? How about they stop deliberately flattening properties (because they know they won’t allow building materials back in with their criminal blockade)? What about ceasing the attacks on the barely functioning infrastructure? Don’t suppose you could leave the electricity ….Oh , too late.

I wonder why Regev changed his name to Regev? I can’t bring myself to trust someone who changes their name for no apparent reason.

I’ve just seen this:




Regev is history. This bumbling, stuttering, …Even embarrassing performance should see him receive early retirement, his usefulness is over. What must be even more galling is that it was a very persistent and determined Jew that ended his career. Well done Emily.

Israeli crimes continue unabated.

They have to say Hamas are hiding behind civilians as their excuse to blow up peoples homes.

Hamas have demanded that a ceasefire must include the removal of the blockade that has strangled every aspect of life in Gaza for eight years. This is not an unreasonable demand and there is no reason that the people of Gaza should not be able to do everything that the people of other countries are allowed to do.

They can’t import, export or travel out of Gaza.

Israel has again, for the third time in as many attacks targeted the electricity system. It is not a military target and therefore is illegal.

Israel has also targeted water and sewage infrastructure, again it is illegal.

They have a  3 mile fishing restriction despite being told after the last attack it would be increased. Almost 50%  of fisherman have had to cease fishing because the restriction stops them catching anything. It’s deliberate, to starve the people of Gaza and has absolutely no security justification.

The people of Gaza are being collectively punished which is a war crime.

Israel will not allow building materials in to Gaza.

Israel will not allow many everyday products into Gaza and holds medical supplies so long that they become out of date.

Israel actually profits hugely by the restrictions of import and export in Gaza. Israel is the only country that supplies Gaza.

Israel are the largest collective of government crooks in the world.

Public trust in the UK Police?

I doubt it. On a personal basis I watched a Police officer right outside my front door behave inexplicably one day. He arrested a man, presumably shouting to him first (which is more than Jean Charles de Menezes got before bullets were applied to his head). I was behind net curtains so I could see all that was going on without being observed. The ‘suspect’  put his arms out in a passive, none resistance gesture. The officer duly put his arms behind his back handcuffed him and that seemed to be the end of it, or should have been.

Next, the officer walked him up towards his police car and for some reason pushed him and pinned him to the bonnet of the patrol vehicle. I saw nothing to justify this behaviour. The officer had his knee on the ‘suspect’s’ back and proceeded to threaten and abuse the ‘former suspect’. Punches were thrown at the now ‘brutalised police victim’. I saw no reason for the officer to act in this manner and was tempted to make a complaint against the ‘new suspect’ but was wary of the Police habit of exacting localised  revenge on anyone who dares to cross them. It wouldn’t be anything new.

My general impression of Police behaviour isn’t any better. Too many officers have managed to avoid prosecution or even accusation for too many crimes that any reasonable member of the public wouldn’t even contend. Untouchables. I also have a big problem with Police CCTV evidence and it’s (lack of) use. Yes,  they manage to help apprehend City thugs beating someone up at 3 AM in the morning but what about serious cases.  For a country that has CCTV on a colossal basis, why was there not hours of evidence in relation to the 7/7 bombers? There wasn’t much footage of the trains exploding neither, was there? How about the mandatory CCTV on the bus? No, sorry, that seems to have been faulty. Ok, what about the Jean Charles de Menezes case? No, sorry none there either apart from a brief clip the public were shown just before he was shot. He went on two or three buses prior to getting on the train  but again, nothing.

Surely, heads must roll for all these failings of extremely costly equipment that ends up being useless? Well. so far as the Underground is concerned, no. The company that failed to get virtually all the of the largest terrorist atrocity for decades on their CCTV have actually been rewarded with another lucrative contract. So we, as individuals are held accountable for our mistakes but large commercial companies are rewarded for failure. Brown envelopes are us.

Did I mention that the security for London Underground is an Israeli company?

Verint Systems (NASDAQVRNT) is a company providing analytic software and hardware for the security, surveillance, and business intelligence markets.[1] Their products are aimed to support government and enterprises in making sense of the vast information they collect to meet performance and security goals.[2] Verint solutions are used by more than 10,000 organizations in 150 countries.[3] Verint is headquartered in Melville, New York, with offices worldwide and some 2,800 employees around the globe. Verint was for many years a majority-owned subsidiary of Comverse Technology[4] and it was formerly known as Comverse Infosys.[5] As with Comverse, approximately half of Verint’s employees have been located in Israel.[5] In February 2013, Verint Systems became independent of Comverse, having bought out the latter’s stake in it.[6]

Converse Technology.

The company’s origins date to 1982 (or 1983, sources differ), when three Israelis, aspiring investment banker Jacob “Kobi” Alexander of Shearson Loeb Rhoades, engineer Boaz Misholi, and Alexander brother-in-law and Columbia University computer science professor Yechiam Yemini, got together and founded an Israeli start-up company, Efrat Future Technologies Ltd.

Verint aren’t just connected to Israel, they are connected to Israeli security, including Mossad. It is to Israel’s benefit that terrorist atrocities occurred in the US , UK and Europe. Sadly, CCTV images evidence related to 9/11 are at a premium too.



Rafeef Ziadah.. Comment is Free on the Guardian website.

An article in The Guardian by Rafeef Ziadah is a prime example of the two opposing sides outside of the (predominantly) Palestinian and Israeli war zones. The supporters of Israel tend to be vitriolic,  abusive and without exception, distinctly anti Muslim. Barely a sentence is written without an insult aimed towards Islam. The pro-Palestinians on the other hand tend to use factual examples as proof of Israeli aggression  and control of the Occupied Territories. There is only hatred and venom spewed out by a seemingly never ending list of pro-Israelis blaming everyone but themselves and shouting down criticism and accusing people with contrasting views of being anti-Semitic and Jew haters. Most of these taunts are ignored and rarely does anyone respond with accusations of religious intolerance and anti Arab sentiment. Apparently, the accusation of anti-Semite is a threat comparable to turning a person in to stone.

Not that it’s something that would bother me too much. People can say what they like, I know I don’t hate anyone because of their colour, creed or religion. I do have contempt for murderous cheer leaders and the professional killers they support. If they happen to be overwhelmingly Jewish or in the case of ISIS, Muslims, that’s not my fault. It’s not as if I’m saying all Jews are bad because of the IDF or likewise Muslims because of ISIS. While I’m on the subject the Christians and almost every other religion have had very dark and murderous times in their histories, and will do in future, no doubt.

So why do we have to put up with generalisations labelling all Muslims ‘terrorists’ because of a tiny minority of  cranks with a warped view of their religious scriptures yet we are not allowed to say the same about a religion that claims their right to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their homes going back centuries because ‘God gave the land’ to them? Excuse me for being a cynic here but come on!!!

Since when did the words in an ancient book give anyone the right to drive indigenous people from their homes? Furthermore, why should the crimes committed in Europe be burdened by the Palestinians? A picture of the Mufti of Jerusalem trying to gain support from Hitler to thwart the invasion of a people being driven from their European homes by ….Erm …..Hitler isn’t the smoking gun….Sorry folks..