Israel has claimed it knew who were holding the students, that they were still alive and maybe other things I’ve missed. 3 innocent Israeli students dead. More than 3 innocent Palestinians dead. Outrage in Western media for the Israelis, small footnotes for the dead Palestinians. From Ma’an news agency:

HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces late Monday surrounded the homes of two men suspected of kidnapping and killing three Israeli teens, and prepared to demolish the houses, locals said.

‘Suspected of kidnapping’ and then demolishing the homes of those suspects are both a blatant act of vengeance and even if they had firm evidence that the men were guilty, to flatten the homes of the extended family must be against the law of any reasonable government. Will Obama and Cameron condemn home destruction as collective punishment as they will surely condemn the killers of the students? This lop-sided friendly bias towards Israel is sickening and disgusts me.

Until Israel has some convincing evidence as to what happened they should refrain from their kangaroo court judgements.

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