The exaggerated and partly manufactured excuses to raid homes and rearrest previously released prisoners involved in prisoner swaps revealed just how vulnerable the Palestinians are to collective punishment. It’s nothing new but the ruthlessness of the operation and speed of which it was deployed suggests the attack was just in need of the right catalyst.
Governments have realised that in order to maintain a veneer of respectability they can’t just do as they please without there seeming to be a good reason, hence the reason Israel are very effective at false flags. I’m not saying the student kidnapping was a deception…Just that it was all rather convenient.
Norman Finkelstein called the BDS a cult when he attacked them a year or two ago. Gilad Atzmon harshly criticised it for changing it’s objectives quite recently without consulting it’s many supporters. I’m sure it has it’s faults but the Israelis fear it more than anything else. Top politicians throughout the world are in their pockets so present foreign policies towards Israel won’t be changing any time soon and will remain oblivious to Palestinian suffering.
I’ve no doubt the BDS movement has it’s faults and it’s growth has been slower than many would have wanted but as I said, it is feared by the Zionists because mass public pressure is something they can’t manipulate so easily and general opinion could very quickly turn against them given the right conditions.
The Israel/Palestine discourse has been very cleverly controlled. Anyone reading newspaper headlines will conclude that the Palestinians are blood thirsty, Jew hating extremists who absolutely do not want peace. The Israelis are described as unfortunate victims of indiscriminate Palestinian hatred.
Wanting a reasonable life is not not extreme. Neither is needing access to water and electricity. Israel has systematically and methodically starved the Palestinian economy and without growth many of their lives will remain miserable (except of course the privileged few). The BDS can make a big difference. We can explain the reason it exists without lying or exaggerating. The Palestinians need the BDS movement to gain momentum and build on previous successes.


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