Israel is Itching for another turkey shoot.

I know I’ve shown similar pictures to these before but it appears that Israel is on the verge of finding an excuse to kill the Gaza population again. Natanyahu said the rocket attacks must stop or face reprisals (a full Israeli attack on Gaza). These images are the excuse Israel will use:


A few bricks missing from an outer wall. The photograph close up makes it look much worse than it otherwise would do.

Israelis stand next to a house damaged after a rocket fired by Palestinian militants landed in Sderot

Where is the damage? It’s a small hole in the wall. They should have got closer up for this shot.

Palestinians stand next to a crater which police said was caused by an Israeli air strike in Gaza City

This isn’t Sderot, it’s Gaza and as you can see, a first aid kit and and a masonry hammer wouldn’t have much effect. No matter what angle you take a picture of this from, nothing survived.


2 thoughts on “Israel is Itching for another turkey shoot.

  1. “””by way of deception thou shalt do war””

    israel is a “”POWER STATE”” vile, repulsive and criminal entity masquerading as a victim!
    inside of it theres no separation btw the state and the army{without their arsenal,theres no israel} and thats a repellent environment 4 a state 2 thrive,….
    its ideology requires inexhaustible rivers of sacrificed innocent blood that has 2 be shed 4 it 2 maintain its existence!
    and the alleged charade of fabricated{teens kidnapping} 4play was only an escalator not the reason behind this waging war!
    and as 4 those rockets that mess more than hit the marks{not downgrading them but they’r limited in quantities,manufactured under an on-going siege with limited resources and not of a high technical excellency that matches the zinosists and their allies weaponry and artillery yet they unsettle the terrified rats and rattle their cages!

    so wy israel fears them beside their obvious scare factor? some say those reckless clueless rockets effect is minor if non existent! but r they?

    gaza is a living testament of the “”choice of resistance”” it never gave up on the armed struggle not only cuz theres hamas inside of it but also theres many political wings that refuse 2 commit 2 wut the PA has signed of with the zionist entity,..,theres the islamic jihad and PFLP
    and not 2 definite the situation and assume that the west-bank is only an extension of the occupation and got no choice but 2 engage in a pointless dead-end negotiations every once in a while and coordinate with the israeli forces 2 keep the palestinians civilians tamed and in-line
    ,~the west bank is packed with sleeping cells thats loyal 2 the path of resistance, honorable ppl and flaming youths thats proud of their palestinian identity and devoted 2 the struggle,..! and those traitors r a minority and dosent taint a resilient rightful nation or represent it!
    so,… israel is dealing with the palestinians as a whole dilemma{dosent end until it genocides and drain them dead 1 by 1}even if they’r prioritizing gaza with the severe military option that harvests more souls!
    after all,.. the rockets r launched from gaza and the headquarters of those affiliates and armored brigades resides in gaza so they’r hailing their wrath on an isolated defenseless strip thats under an effective blockade from all 4 sides,..
    and thats the reason wy israel launched a staggering wars in a small period of time on gaza thro-out the past years 2 build a fracture in the palestinian body and its segments{at the internal level kill the reconciliation efforts} and smash its spirit of resistance{that lays there undeterred} and demolish and disarmament its infrastructure and its ability 2 stand the odds of hitting bak!

    *if this wasnt a war aimed against hamas{in the west-bank b4 gaza}, the signed unity and an effort 2 expose them{falsely} as a failure in holding credibility 2ward their ppl then israel wouldnt had distributed and thrown thousand of lollipops and fire-matches with gloating strident spiteful sentences as
    “Ramadan Kareem. Here are some sweets because Hamas is making life bitter in the West Bank”
    “Warning, Hamas is setting the West Bank alight”
    in the allies and on the doorsteps of homes and mosques 2 intimidate the residents and unleash resentments against the movement and attribute this whole thing on them!

    *SIGH* wuts laughable is that the world is having the audacity and nerves 2 tell palestinians 2 self-censor :/
    dear world! “”self-defense is no offense!””

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