Israel ‘ready for escalation’ of Gaza conflict

….Of course they are ready. They have likely been planning it since the Fatah/Hamas agreement weeks ago, perhaps even longer.

The media still infer that it’s a fight between two armies, it isn’t. There is only one side equipped with all the state of the art weaponry (supplied by the Americans), there is only one side with an air force and a navy. The ‘enemy’, as they would have us believe might be a militia but it’s a very poorly equipped militia. The vast majority of victims in the more recent full scale attacks on Gaza have been innocent civilians, mainly women and children. This forthcoming attack is not a response to Hamas rockets, (considering Israel’s attack on Hamas recently, it could be argued the rockets are a justified yet ineffective reply to provocation) it’s a planned in advance attack on the people of Gaza. The Israelis have got itchy fingers and need to spill some Arab blood.

The well publicised Israeli condemnations at the death of Abu Khdeir aren’t as sincere as the media are insisting. This particular murder wasn’t committed by the IDF and has received more publicity worldwide than the previous 50 Palestinian murders. Why? It appears that extremist killings by men and women not in uniform are now viewed in a different light and are no longer acceptable. This type of killing by ‘authority’ is OK though:

…..and it seems:

…. Just two examples of many murders that have not resulted in the conviction of the Israeli forces officers despite overwhelming evidence of wrong doing.

If the allegations are proven true that the killers made the lad drink petrol (gasoline) is true, it takes the crime even further into the depths of depravity. We can’t even begin to imagine the terror of his last moments alive. It will be interesting to watch the Israel judicial system concoct a way for these murderers to avoid justice, very much like their brothers in green uniforms.

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