One comment on “Netanyahu: Ceasefire off the agenda.

  1. helloooz :}

    JUEDO-NAZIS!!!!! those chauvinistic agnostic satanic invaders with their flowing $cash$ and their huge budgets thats invested in war technologies,surveillance,security,weapons,…
    wuts the point in having all of that if theres no bak-yard 2 experiment its efficiency at? palestinians and their land r a testing field and subjects!

    ,…also bear in mind israel didnt sign the rome statute of the international criminal court{those rules and laws applies only at the 3rd world countries :/} and they’r technically not liable 4 prosecution 4 the war crimes against humanity they perpetrate and there4 the world fails 2 impels them nor hold them accountable 4 their amiss monstrosities…,
    tell me!
    under wut civilized jurisdiction such sinister entity that dosent comply 2 common human morals and laws can be thwarted and punished?
    we need an exorcists or mass STERILIZATION{the cruelty of my words r only 4 those who got blak hearts that stomps at children,mothers,old ppl hearts and souls whom get sacrificed as calves with no remorse} cuz words cant convey the horror that shatters our hearts looking at the images and videos thats documenting this savage aggression thats been declared on a helpless nation since the zinonist ideology spawned from satan’s demented mind!

    beyond fiction!
    another card been played 2 harden,add harshness 2 the lives of the gazan’s and their impoverished strip!
    wouldnt it be the other way around? *2 GAZA*? as they need every force they could get hold at!
    this story unhooks more strings and sheds more lights at the ludicrously fabricated lie-tales thats gets pinned shamelessly at hamas by bibi and sisi!
    and wy hamas would go any distant further 2 launch a rocket? dosent that also narrow the distance 4 hitting a far-away intended target insdie of the 67green line?
    dont those SISI-IC traitors search wut comes in/goes out thro the crossing 2 the needle and button? how can any1 smuggle GRADS thro that? do those even get transfered in tunnels as wholes without getting exploded?{theres no much 2 the story but a sentence}

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