Netanyahu: Ceasefire off the agenda.

Well it would be, wouldn’t it? Despite claiming that ‘Palestinian’ equates to terrorism, it is the state of Israel that manages to use billions of dollars worth of weapons against the firework terrorists. Of course, Hamas haven’t got a clue which part of the desert their home made rockets will land in and perhaps this fact categorises them as terrorist attacks. The precision missiles Israel uses don’t land in the desert and therefore cannot be regarded as terrorist. Bearing in mind the technological advantage Israel and it’s criminal accomplices enjoy, shouldn’t the casualty figures actually be the other way round?
Israel boasts of the care it takes over identifying and eliminating terrorist targets in Gaza so why are there so many civilian casualties? I’ll answer my own question… Because Israel don’t really care whether a victim is a 30 year old ‘in his prime’ freedom fighter or a three year old girl … They just require the deaths of Palestinians and that makes it a good result.
It seems to be every couple of years or so that Israel must find an excuse to clear out its munitions store (donated by the US) and it’s the Palestinians who have to bear the brunt. This cycle will continue until the international community calls time on it because as this created conflict continues, Israel reap the rewards and Palestinians suffer the consequences. If a peace agreement suddenly became reality, Israel would have to stop killing Palestinians. They wouldn’t be able to syphon off any more parts of Palestine. They would no longer be the victims. They would have to share the ‘Jewish driver only’ roads, they would also have to police the thuggish settlers. Their water allocation would need to be shared and the collective punishment of Palestinians would have to cease. These restrictions and removal of Israeli beneficial perks are the tip of the iceberg and the reason why Netanyahu needs to keep the region a ceasefire free zone.
Zionists have managed to brainwash the vast majority of humans. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard Sun newspaper readers say, ‘bloody Arabs don’t want peace, just leave them to it’. To these people all I can say is: Educate yourselves, then rejoin the discussion. These are the same people that would scream ‘blue murder’ if they had the most trivial item taken from them but can’t seem to understand the natural anger at the theft of all a persons worldy belongings. All under the gaze of extremist settlers, grinning from a safe distance. What if it were their grandfather or grandmother who had everything but the clothes on their back stolen? If they lived in a refugee camp in horrendous conditions as a direct result? Would they shrug their shoulders? Would they accept it and move on? An injustice is an injustice whether it was yesterday or 60 years ago. Put yourself in Palestinian shoes and then say, ‘the bloody Arabs don’t want peace’ ……. The ‘bloody Arabs’ just want their stolen homes and their dignity back.


One thought on “Netanyahu: Ceasefire off the agenda.

  1. helloooz :}

    JUEDO-NAZIS!!!!! those chauvinistic agnostic satanic invaders with their flowing $cash$ and their huge budgets thats invested in war technologies,surveillance,security,weapons,…
    wuts the point in having all of that if theres no bak-yard 2 experiment its efficiency at? palestinians and their land r a testing field and subjects!

    ,…also bear in mind israel didnt sign the rome statute of the international criminal court{those rules and laws applies only at the 3rd world countries :/} and they’r technically not liable 4 prosecution 4 the war crimes against humanity they perpetrate and there4 the world fails 2 impels them nor hold them accountable 4 their amiss monstrosities…,
    tell me!
    under wut civilized jurisdiction such sinister entity that dosent comply 2 common human morals and laws can be thwarted and punished?
    we need an exorcists or mass STERILIZATION{the cruelty of my words r only 4 those who got blak hearts that stomps at children,mothers,old ppl hearts and souls whom get sacrificed as calves with no remorse} cuz words cant convey the horror that shatters our hearts looking at the images and videos thats documenting this savage aggression thats been declared on a helpless nation since the zinonist ideology spawned from satan’s demented mind!

    beyond fiction!
    another card been played 2 harden,add harshness 2 the lives of the gazan’s and their impoverished strip!
    wouldnt it be the other way around? *2 GAZA*? as they need every force they could get hold at!
    this story unhooks more strings and sheds more lights at the ludicrously fabricated lie-tales thats gets pinned shamelessly at hamas by bibi and sisi!
    and wy hamas would go any distant further 2 launch a rocket? dosent that also narrow the distance 4 hitting a far-away intended target insdie of the 67green line?
    dont those SISI-IC traitors search wut comes in/goes out thro the crossing 2 the needle and button? how can any1 smuggle GRADS thro that? do those even get transfered in tunnels as wholes without getting exploded?{theres no much 2 the story but a sentence}

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