Israel has no legitimacy

Since when does an advanced warning legitimise the total destruction of a families home? What does the process involve whereby these homes and all who are not quick enough to get out in time, are condemned? This would be bad enough in the UK, where I live but in Gaza, nothing goes in or out without the Israelis knowing, including (particularly) building supplies (the reason being Israel accuses Hamas of building underground bunkers and weapons depots, the real reason is so that the people of Gaza are unable to rebuild their homes criminally destroyed by Israeli bombs and JCBs).
The recent Israeli ‘search'(which wasn’t actually a search, because their fate was known within hours of them being abducted) for the missing students also uncovers the continuation of some disturbing IDF habits. It appears that, just like the flotilla attack a few years ago, if you get raided/arrested by Israeli soldiers your hi-tec valuables actually become the property of these fresh faced young thugs in uniform. not just favourites like computers and mobile phones , anything that is valuable can disappear without any investigation by the Israel authorities. The truth is, they avoid inquiries into murders so they are highly unlikely to worry about a few hundred pound laptop. It was estimated that from the MV Mavi Marmara raid, the Israeli soldiers helped themselves to hundreds of thousands of pounds of equipment that was simply never returned. What kind of society would allow these acts go without them being investigated? A beacon of democracy in the Middle East, don’t make me laugh. The Israeli regime is worse than any of the many dictators it condemns and helps to overthrow. Israel has been, since it’s inception and continues to be a criminal, immoral, racist, supremacy driven entity that should have been dismantled well before Saddam, Gadaffi and the (so far attempted) removal of Assad. It’s all so blindingly obvious, I cannot fathom out how their crude and murderous charade isn’t clear for any reasonable person to see.


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