One comment on “‘Plucky’ Israeli’s defy Gaza rockets.

  1. filtering the conflict thro a zionist lens that allows them 2 grow in2 even bigger villains?
    …..,those whom fall 4 those hasbara-ic r merely short sighted individuals who’r fed hegemonic bias story lines without asking “”wut r we eating?””
    {the dark_forces pay university students up2 and over 2000$ per month 2 polish their demonic image,soo imagine if u’r a writer at a renowned website&newspaper! i think that gives u a bigger salary,a whole chunk of money raises 4 ur sponsored vacations,career boosts and along the run books endorsements just 2 obey and embellish}
    fortunately,the citizen of earth r no longer relying on 1 source of information,as they got their own legion of propagandists theres much more who counter it with exposing their lies and uncovering the truth!

    and!…. when it comes 2 the dailymail we arent exactly dealing with a great track record on accuracy nor journalism professionality! :/ they arent underreporting,,they’r spreading travesties efficiently!

    those wut pretty smiles r :}

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