‘Plucky’ Israeli’s defy Gaza rockets.

I saw this on the Daily Mail British newspaper website. The writer clearly admires how the Israeli public are trying to go about their usual business while they withstand the deadly attacks emanating from Gaza. Here’s a print screen of the article.

Screenshot from 2014-07-15 07:02:03

Well, here are a few facts for the cowardly journalist that wrote this blatant exaggeration. The determination of Israeli sunbathers isn’t as remotely death defying as he would have us believe. These sun lovers have more chance of being killed when they flee the beach by a passing motor vehicle than they do from Gaza fired rockets, it’s a statistical fact. Israel has suffered so few deaths from missiles fired from Hamas and it’s affiliates that they have had to exaggerate the numbers. Furthermore, the vast majority of those unfortunate people alleged to have been injured in the attacks have been diagnosed as suffering from shock. I’ve been more in fear for my safety at firework displays. Of course, not a thought will have been given to the thousands of kids living in Gaza who suffer from deliberate daily sonic booms, courtesy of the Israeli Air Force (which I’m told really can be terrifying and dare I say it, shocking).
The people of Gaza aren’t in sunbathing mood, I wouldn’t imagine. They are in a daily battle for survival during the disgraceful Israeli blockade that has deliberately made them suffer even without the recent bombardment. Their infrastructure has been destroyed time and again, especially water, electric an sewage services. To target these installations is a war crime but the British and Americans used the very same strategy in Iraq so we shouldn’t expect Netanyahu to be indicted any time soon. Israel can throw what it will at these proud and resilient people, they’ve been doing it for well over half a century and the Palestinians remain bowed but not beaten, and that is how they will remain until they break the Zionist chains, which they undoubtedly will….It’s just a matter of time.


One thought on “‘Plucky’ Israeli’s defy Gaza rockets.

  1. filtering the conflict thro a zionist lens that allows them 2 grow in2 even bigger villains?
    …..,those whom fall 4 those hasbara-ic r merely short sighted individuals who’r fed hegemonic bias story lines without asking “”wut r we eating?””
    {the dark_forces pay university students up2 and over 2000$ per month 2 polish their demonic image,soo imagine if u’r a writer at a renowned website&newspaper! i think that gives u a bigger salary,a whole chunk of money raises 4 ur sponsored vacations,career boosts and along the run books endorsements just 2 obey and embellish}
    fortunately,the citizen of earth r no longer relying on 1 source of information,as they got their own legion of propagandists theres much more who counter it with exposing their lies and uncovering the truth!

    and!…. when it comes 2 the dailymail we arent exactly dealing with a great track record on accuracy nor journalism professionality! :/ they arent underreporting,,they’r spreading travesties efficiently!

    those wut pretty smiles r :}

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