How to ‘section’ a population of 5 million people?

If someone is forcibly taken to a mental health institution here in the UK, it’s called being sectioned. Over 90% of Israeli Jews approve the Gaza cull and since reading some Jewish newspaper reader feedback, I’ve noticed that a large number also consider Netanyahu to be too passive. They demand more extreme measures to solve the problem of Gaza rocket attacks. They have very short memories. On numerous occasions they have had idyllic and peaceful lives until Israel provoked Hamas and the rockets began again. This is without doubt the pattern of events.
I’m neither Jewish nor Muslim. I have hatred for neither, or indeed any religious or ethnic group anywhere. Generalising about particular people is neither scientific or logical. Opinion polls usually have a degree of accuracy, hence the results of exit polls at elections tend to give a good indication of the actual result.
My point is, in the last two most serious attacks on Gaza, the people of Israel have appeared to be overwhelmingly in favour of the murder of many innocent Gaza citizens. The opinion polls are evidence of extremist problems in the population of Israeli Jews. I’m not being anti-Semitic, discriminating or being overly critical towards Jews, I’m just processing the results of (as we’ve already established are reasonably accurate) polls.
I’m not a psychologist or philosopher. I didn’t excel at school and only did a week in further education before realising it wasn’t for me, so I don’t have a Phd or any certificates to give me any credibility but then again, I don’t need any. The truth is there, right in front of us and coming directly from the Israeli Jews themselves.


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