If there was ever any doubt…

..About the pro Zionist bias of the mainstream media it’s been wiped away by the Diana Magnay episode. She’s been hastily transferred to report from Russia because she dared call people who threatened to destroy her car ‘scum’.. If she reported anything bad about them on her news bulletin. Reporting from Sderot, the target of many Hamas rockets, Israeli disaster watchers could be heard in the background cheering as artillery rained down on Gaza.
After they threatened her, she took to twitter to express her rage with them and called them ‘scum’. If someone threatened any of us in the same manner, we would probably describe them likewise. She never called them Jewish scum, just scum.
If the roles had been reversed and Palestinians had been threatening her instead of Israelis, would she have faced the same vitriolic response and been moved very swiftly to Russia? I think not.

To understand the miserable reality that Palestinians and Israelis are suffering we need to to ‘put ourselves in their shoes’. This was the way I completely changed my view of the ‘conflict’, with a little help from respected writers and my disconnection from mainstream media. My point is that the quality of life between Palestinians and Israelis contrast so much that it is impossible to compare the two. I’m not just talking about in the present circumstances, I mean in general. Certainly Gaza is like a third world country at the side of Israel.
Is it their fault? Absolutely not, they have no trade, tiny economic growth and have every part of their lives controlled. They even have to register births with the Israelis. Without an ID card later in life they are screwed. During the last three major Israeli attacks, vital infrastructure has been targeted but to make matters worse, Israel then deprives them of spare parts so that they can even try to repair them. Gaza is in all but name an open air prison.
I posted a picture of Israelis fleeing from the beach the other day and do it again now.

smiling israelis

The very strong likelihood is that the worst disaster to befall the two smiling Israelis might be a broken bottle of sun tan lotion. On the other hand.


This family have a look of fear. There at least five youngsters but I noticed something else as well. It looks very much to me they have tried to take any valuable possessions with them. This is a family in danger of their lives. To put thousands of families through this isn’t just criminal, it’s the behaviour of psychopaths. During the searches that were made looking for the already dead students, Israeli forces ransacked the vast majority of homes they raided, vandalising many too. No one should have to put up with this. We have to stop this torture of the Palestinians. If the only way to do that is to dismantle the racism based region that calls itself Israel, then so be it.


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