They know where the hospitals are.

…But because they haven’t even been criticised by the international community, it’s highly unlikely they would ever be charged with committing war crimes. Remember, only the losing side in any war gets charged with war crimes, with the exception of a few African dictators who are seen as easy prey.
The history of US, UK and many other countries protecting Israel from critical UN resolutions is there for all to see, but they know most people are either too lazy or too busy to look anyway. The media downplay or even ignore most of the crimes Israel commits. I’m not claiming there is a conspiracy, I don’t have to, they don’t even try to hide their bias any more. The furore over the BBC consistently reporting Israel in a favourable light has already almost disappeared and nothing has changed. More than anyone, they know the nature of current news and how it fades away so quickly.
This is what they know they can get away with:

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