Israeli de ja vu.

They can kill civilians and destroy their homes and infrastructure but when it comes to the nitty gritty, they are always found wanting. The simple truth is that the Israeli air force and navy have nothing to fear. They can do what they like …Unopposed, it really is a no risk career. In 2006 against Lebanon and in all the attacks on Gaza, they have been able to kill with impunity and destroy chicken farms and blocks of flats without breaking sweat. They must be very proud. An Israeli air force pilot, the safest job in the world.
Against Lebanon, when it came to a ground assault, their overwhelming numerical superiority and state of the art weaponry donated by US tax payers counted for nothing. A few thousand modestly equipped but disciplined Hezbollah stopped them in their tracks. We are seeing the same thing this time round in Gaza. When will they realise they can only slaughter and bully unarmed civilians, when it comes to anyone on an equal footing and able to fight back, they suffer humiliating defeats. I’ve no doubt they have killed a number of Hamas fighters, but so they should… Having dropped tons of bombs on Gaza the odds are heavily in their favour. However, they have suffered more casualties than they thought they would already and there is a simple reason… They aren’t good enough. I think the troops on the ground in Gaza are starting to realise they really are second best by a long way. Perhaps a #bringourboyshome campaign should be restarted only this time at least there will be some truth in the sentiment.


One thought on “Israeli de ja vu.

  1. when sharon was appointed as an israeli-pm he vowed 2 his ppl 2 give him 100 days and he’l {mow the lawn,bring palestinians 2 their knees,tame those monsters and give stability and safety 2 the israelites},…, thousands of days has passed,he bathed in children bloods in glee,died like a fetid cattle!,…. and palestinians r still willing 2 fight him from beyond the grave along with his proteges a thousand years more with their resilience and an unprecedented courage!

    and then i quote the words of {mahmoud darwish-palestine’s poet}

    “”gaza not the most beautiful of cities it is,
    its shore not bluer than these of other arab cities they r,
    and its oranges r not the most beautiful on the mediterranean,
    and gaza is not the richest of cities,
    and its not the most progressive among cities,but it represent a nations history…
    because its the ugliest in the enemies eyes.poorer,more miserable and most ferocious.
    because its the savage lesson 4 the enemy,
    because its the most able 2 disturb the enemy,
    because its there nightmare,
    and because this is what it is
    it is the most beautiful…clearest…richest…and most worthy of love””

    the full poem :down here:

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