One comment on “Israeli de ja vu.

  1. when sharon was appointed as an israeli-pm he vowed 2 his ppl 2 give him 100 days and he’l {mow the lawn,bring palestinians 2 their knees,tame those monsters and give stability and safety 2 the israelites},…, thousands of days has passed,he bathed in children bloods in glee,died like a fetid cattle!,…. and palestinians r still willing 2 fight him from beyond the grave along with his proteges a thousand years more with their resilience and an unprecedented courage!

    and then i quote the words of {mahmoud darwish-palestine’s poet}

    “”gaza not the most beautiful of cities it is,
    its shore not bluer than these of other arab cities they r,
    and its oranges r not the most beautiful on the mediterranean,
    and gaza is not the richest of cities,
    and its not the most progressive among cities,but it represent a nations history…
    because its the ugliest in the enemies eyes.poorer,more miserable and most ferocious.
    because its the savage lesson 4 the enemy,
    because its the most able 2 disturb the enemy,
    because its there nightmare,
    and because this is what it is
    it is the most beautiful…clearest…richest…and most worthy of love””

    the full poem :down here:

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