Your safety is a priority.

That is what the airlines would say if the priority question was asked. That’s all good and well, but is it actually true? We have had the answer loud and clear. Two day’s ago, the FAA (US) and EU airline authorities banned aeroplanes from flying to Tel Aviv because of safety concerns. Sounds fair enough, plane gets blown up in one war zone, best avoid another war zone. It lasts for less than two days and is suddenly removed. What happened to justify the lifting of the ban?
Israeli officials screamed blue murder and screamed that it was a ridiculous ban, it handed a victory to Hamas and in any case it was perfectly safe to travel there.
So after claiming that Hamas rockets endangered every life in Israel for months, years even….. The danger was over. That’s ok then, they can stop killing babies in Gaza now.
The Israeli government are the worlds greatest liars, and this scam proves it.

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