It’s very difficult to understand what goes on in the Israeli mind.

This is the third time in just a few years that Israel has unleashed all those US paid for weapons on the people of Gaza. Each of the last two attacks have come before they recovered in the slightest from the previous onslaught. How can they recover? Israel smashes their sewage and water systems to smithereens knowing that the Palestinians will have to ask Israel to allow replacement parts in. They refuse, always. Building materials are completely banned.
They destroy thousands of homes and businesses each time, even flattening a chicken farm in Operation Cast Lead. Yes, a chicken farm. However, it was a vital business that helped to feed the people of Gaza, that is exactly the reason why they bombed it.
Let’s cut to the chase here, this isn’t about Hamas. They have complied with numerous ceasefires, it was Israel that broke them every time. It’s blatantly obvious now that the murder of the three Israeli students was used to firstly blame Hamas (not a shred of evidence has been provided) then to provoke them, by indiscriminately arresting supporters in the West Bank, killing some and ransacking all their homes. The IDF has a disturbing habit of stealing valuables from the people they terrorise. So eventually Hamas responded, with some rockets that didn’t do much damage. But the rockets are irrelevant, it was a set up.
Israel knew that at some point Hamas would respond and so they have been preparing this attack (just like the previous attacks) for months. This Gaza killing festival isn’t spontaneous. It’s well planned. The question Israelis should be asking is: Who really killed the three students which was the catalyst ?
So, that’s the excuse being used, what’s the goal? What does Netanyahu and his government colleagues want out of it? Dead Palestinians, it’s as simple as that.
What about Israeli casualties? They don’t care, they aren’t the government ministers kids who are dying, they are your average Israeli’s kids. Check it out for yourself. When was the last time a relative of the Israeli government died in conflict?
War is a scam from start to finish and it’s only the average ‘Joe’s’ that die in them.
Not forgetting (in this instance) the women, kids and other civilians in Gaza.

The Hannibal Directive.
(from Wikipedia)
“Hannibal Procedure” is a secret directive of the Israel Defense Forces with the purpose of preventing Israeli soldiers being captured by enemy forces in the course of combat. Israel has with several notable exceptions adhered to the principle of not negotiating with what it considers terrorists and this especially in hostage situations. This policy led to some notable successes, such as Operation Entebbe but also to painful loss of human life, as in the Maalot Massacre. In cases where Israeli soldiers were captured and no military solution was found, Israel was forced to negotiate with terrorists about an exchange of prisoners. On several occasions this led to a highly controversial release of hundreds or even thousands of sentenced or suspected terrorists in Israeli captivity.

So (for the parents of IDF soldiers), they don’t care about your sons and daughters, they are expendable…Would Gilad Shalit’s family have preferred a successful Hannibal Directive solution?


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