Palestinian blood lust.

Reading comments on various websites today, I’ve noticed the relentless urging on of current IDF strategy and even calls complaining it’s not strong enough. This indicates one thing, the comments I’ve read come from people who don’t regard Palestinians as being equal, their lives aren’t as  valuable as the lives of the Israelis. It sounds very much like the philosophy of a Nazi supporter.

As I’ve said before, opinion polls in Israel overwhelmingly support the attack on Gaza, in fact all of the last three operations have been equally well supported. There is no empathy with people having a devastating attack that leaves their former home in rubble. There is no distinction between the resistance that is attacking them and innocent civilians. There is no shock when a group of football playing kids are wiped out on the beach. It would seem that the Israeli public are so in sync with their Government that they regard even babies living in Gaza as the enemy.

It’s been five or six decades of misery heaped on the Palestinians by Israel, using every trick imaginable. Starving them , killing them , torturing them, making their lives an absolute misery. Even at night they aren’t allowed to sleep in peace without IDF breaking down their door and seizing a child for allegedly throwing stones. Who could endure this miserable existence?

The Palestinians have, can and will endure whatever the Israelis throw at them.

It’s becoming more apparent that the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood from the Egyptian government wasn’t so spontaneous now. The Sisi dictatorship has been more than a convenient boost for Israel. It’s closed the final remaining avenue for the people living in Gaza to have any kind of reasonable lifestyle. Sisi could not have been better designed if Israel had made him themselves. He makes Mubarak seem liberal.

So, Israel now has Gaza secured properly. The Arab spring was a dream for Israel. It didn’t quite get rid of Assad but ISIS might clear that up. It turned Libya into disaster zone (Gadaffi supported the Palestinians). However there are some strange aspects too. Iran and Syria had supported the Palestinian cause but were cast aside when the ‘Spring’ began. Hamas have clearly used the Hezbollah strategy against Israel successfully, suggesting help from them. So, as much as Israel has enjoyed the ‘natural’ fruits of the uprisings, Hamas have behaved curiously and indeed not helped their own cause. It makes me wonder how well the resistance would have done had it been on friendly terms with Iran and Syria these last two years.



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