Rafeef Ziadah.. Comment is Free on the Guardian website.

An article in The Guardian by Rafeef Ziadah is a prime example of the two opposing sides outside of the (predominantly) Palestinian and Israeli war zones. The supporters of Israel tend to be vitriolic,  abusive and without exception, distinctly anti Muslim. Barely a sentence is written without an insult aimed towards Islam. The pro-Palestinians on the other hand tend to use factual examples as proof of Israeli aggression  and control of the Occupied Territories. There is only hatred and venom spewed out by a seemingly never ending list of pro-Israelis blaming everyone but themselves and shouting down criticism and accusing people with contrasting views of being anti-Semitic and Jew haters. Most of these taunts are ignored and rarely does anyone respond with accusations of religious intolerance and anti Arab sentiment. Apparently, the accusation of anti-Semite is a threat comparable to turning a person in to stone.

Not that it’s something that would bother me too much. People can say what they like, I know I don’t hate anyone because of their colour, creed or religion. I do have contempt for murderous cheer leaders and the professional killers they support. If they happen to be overwhelmingly Jewish or in the case of ISIS, Muslims, that’s not my fault. It’s not as if I’m saying all Jews are bad because of the IDF or likewise Muslims because of ISIS. While I’m on the subject the Christians and almost every other religion have had very dark and murderous times in their histories, and will do in future, no doubt.

So why do we have to put up with generalisations labelling all Muslims ‘terrorists’ because of a tiny minority of  cranks with a warped view of their religious scriptures yet we are not allowed to say the same about a religion that claims their right to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their homes going back centuries because ‘God gave the land’ to them? Excuse me for being a cynic here but come on!!!

Since when did the words in an ancient book give anyone the right to drive indigenous people from their homes? Furthermore, why should the crimes committed in Europe be burdened by the Palestinians? A picture of the Mufti of Jerusalem trying to gain support from Hitler to thwart the invasion of a people being driven from their European homes by ….Erm …..Hitler isn’t the smoking gun….Sorry folks..

One thought on “Rafeef Ziadah.. Comment is Free on the Guardian website.

  1. *sharing a link with a video in it* … hope u dont mind :}


    hysterical murder-fest!
    …,when they come down from their self-appointed pedestal, wake up from their delusional claim that they’r chosen by God and his master creation and realize that they are just ordinary humans like every1 else *sarcastic tone* there might be hope 4 their redemption! {NEVER}

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