Israeli crimes continue unabated.

They have to say Hamas are hiding behind civilians as their excuse to blow up peoples homes.

Hamas have demanded that a ceasefire must include the removal of the blockade that has strangled every aspect of life in Gaza for eight years. This is not an unreasonable demand and there is no reason that the people of Gaza should not be able to do everything that the people of other countries are allowed to do.

They can’t import, export or travel out of Gaza.

Israel has again, for the third time in as many attacks targeted the electricity system. It is not a military target and therefore is illegal.

Israel has also targeted water and sewage infrastructure, again it is illegal.

They have a  3 mile fishing restriction despite being told after the last attack it would be increased. Almost 50%  of fisherman have had to cease fishing because the restriction stops them catching anything. It’s deliberate, to starve the people of Gaza and has absolutely no security justification.

The people of Gaza are being collectively punished which is a war crime.

Israel will not allow building materials in to Gaza.

Israel will not allow many everyday products into Gaza and holds medical supplies so long that they become out of date.

Israel actually profits hugely by the restrictions of import and export in Gaza. Israel is the only country that supplies Gaza.

Israel are the largest collective of government crooks in the world.


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