Bare faced liars and hypocrites.

TV news cannot pass without a smarmy looking, self-righteous, hypocritical and lying IDF/Israeli government spokesperson blaming Hamas for all the innocent dead civilians in Gaza. It must be Hamas that’s creating a buffer zone to cram the Palestinians in an even smaller area. When they kept repeating ‘terror tunnel’s’, I knew it would be an excuse for some even nastier treatment to be inflicted on the people of Gaza.  It must be Hamas who have just shelled a market placing killing who knows how many. Hamas that attacks UN safety zone …..

It doesn’t matter if nutty Netanyahu employ’s the ‘sincere sounding Englishman with a slightly London accent’ or Mark ‘the friend of Palestinian’s Regev’ to express how they are going to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties… It’s starting to wear thin. Israel need new spin strategies because the people are working them out. I’ve got a good idea …How about they stop killing Palestinian women and children with such ease? How about they stop deliberately flattening properties (because they know they won’t allow building materials back in with their criminal blockade)? What about ceasing the attacks on the barely functioning infrastructure? Don’t suppose you could leave the electricity ….Oh , too late.

I wonder why Regev changed his name to Regev? I can’t bring myself to trust someone who changes their name for no apparent reason.

I’ve just seen this:

Regev is history. This bumbling, stuttering, …Even embarrassing performance should see him receive early retirement, his usefulness is over. What must be even more galling is that it was a very persistent and determined Jew that ended his career. Well done Emily.


One thought on “Bare faced liars and hypocrites.

  1. avichay adraee <– is the military spokesman{in arabik} ….. another repulsive entity that pops up in a quest 2 spreading lies under mis-leading pretenses,…

    here he is,,,,, attacking a fatih official and trying 2 cast the blame on hamas and further-more reflect on the fracture btw the 2 political parties{hamas & fatih} as a reasoning NOT 2 DEFEND GAZA!بالفيديو-المتحدث-باسم-فتح-يبكى-على-الهواء-ويوجه-صفعة-قوية-لأفيخاى-أدرعى?ref=home-latest-news

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