Senate bill initiated for murdered Jewish students.

The US is trying to appropriate a $5 million reward for information that leads to the killers of the three (2 Israeli and 1 American) Jews killed close to the West Bank. I can confirm that I won’t be claiming the money, it can be donated to the people of Gaza. I request the arrest of one BenjaminBibiNetanyahu and some of his cabinet ministers. If enough pressure is brought to bear on these informers , I am convinced they will give the names of the murderers. I’m  also sure that because of their ideology and approval of suspects being tortured to gain information from them in the past, that it is only proper that these suspects be ‘pressurised’ whether they are compliant or not.

My reasoning is that several of these informers were unequivocal in their certainty that they knew who had committed the murder of the three students, so much so that they actually had the homes of the two (convicted? suspects?) demolished very quickly after the bodies had been found. I could be very cynical and comment on the convenience of the amount of time it took to find the bodies… Just long enough to arrest 500 Palestinians in the West Bank allegedly for being connected to Hamas. The intermittent period was also convenient for Israel to prepare the assault on Gaza but maybe I have a suspicious mind.

I also understand from my contacts in the region that the US is also offering a 10 dollar reward for information that leads to the arrest of the suspects who gave the cousin of Muhammad Abu Khdeir (the Palestinian kidnapped and burned alive) a severe beating.  I can also help them with this inquiry too, although I’m not as sure as Bibi was with regards the student killers. The guilty were IDF soldiers or perhaps Israeli police officers. I know that’s not very precise but it certainly has to help …And after all it is only a $10 reward.


One thought on “Senate bill initiated for murdered Jewish students.

  1. hello :}

    “”senate bill””
    the rich jews/aipac in amerika whom can turn a sow’s ear in2 a silk purse r funding the lobbyists+political figures whom in return r essential 2 control the political scenery, bypassing laws that legalize and regulate extracting more money from the general public 2 support israel in many ways by influence-peddling…..,
    so,….israel as a unlawful state get served its legitimacy on a silver plater from those whom assist, tend and jump the queue 4 it 2 fulfills its end game purpose where annihilating and eradicating palestinians is just snippet in2 domination!

    as 4 the reward, do u believe they’r willing 2 give 5millions$ 2 a palestinian? :}
    they announced the names of 3 perpetrators,demolished their family residents and arrested most of their family members{along with them}….wutever happened 2 those?
    and if they came up with other names they’l be names of “state enemies” israel eagerly desires 2 get rid of and they’l pin it on them :/
    ….,those 3 “”students” r most likely died in an un-related accident and it got exploded out of proportion in2 a vindication 2 carry on a murder spree…


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