One comment on “Senate bill initiated for murdered Jewish students.

  1. hello :}

    “”senate bill””
    the rich jews/aipac in amerika whom can turn a sow’s ear in2 a silk purse r funding the lobbyists+political figures whom in return r essential 2 control the political scenery, bypassing laws that legalize and regulate extracting more money from the general public 2 support israel in many ways by influence-peddling…..,
    so,….israel as a unlawful state get served its legitimacy on a silver plater from those whom assist, tend and jump the queue 4 it 2 fulfills its end game purpose where annihilating and eradicating palestinians is just snippet in2 domination!

    as 4 the reward, do u believe they’r willing 2 give 5millions$ 2 a palestinian? :}
    they announced the names of 3 perpetrators,demolished their family residents and arrested most of their family members{along with them}….wutever happened 2 those?
    and if they came up with other names they’l be names of “state enemies” israel eagerly desires 2 get rid of and they’l pin it on them :/
    ….,those 3 “”students” r most likely died in an un-related accident and it got exploded out of proportion in2 a vindication 2 carry on a murder spree…


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