Just one more thing …. (continuing from my last post)

…Why are the American people not saying something about THEIR government offering a $5 million reward for someone murdered in a foreign land? Shouldn’t US citizens be given the benefit of their generosity first (actually it’s not their generosity, it’s without doubt tax payers money)? Is the American justice system in such good shape they can concentrate on foreign crime detection?

Anyhow, fair enough , let’s accept that the US can afford to put out a bounty on one of its dual citizens. I’mm sure people can still remember the Mavi Marmara incident where a young man called Furkan Doğan (US/Turkish citizen) was brutally executed by IDF forces ‘defending themselves’ while attacking a ship, a bit of a contradiction there but lets ignore that. I’m sure the US government voiced their concerns concerning Furkan but I cannot recall condemnation or diplomatic repercussions … I certainly cannot remember a $5 million reward being offered and if I was the cynical type, I could speculate that it was related to their different faiths the two young men held.

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