Political leaders and their convenient ‘terrorism warning’ threat.

Miliband, with all the purpose of a sun kissed cabbage leaf, proposes ‘deradicalisation’ for returning Islamic State fighters. What he didn’t propose was a similar system for returning IDF soldiers with dual UK and Israeli citizenship who have been slaughtering civilians in Gaza. Nothing to do with his Zionist support, purely coincidence. Similarly, Cameron warns of Islamic State fighters attacking the UK and the threat lasting for decades. What kind of drugs are these idiots on? Cameron is doing what he’s paid to do and trying to secure government funding for the ‘security services’ for years to come. If war ever becomes extinct, the fear of it will continue much to the relief of the people that earn a lot of money from ‘security’ services. The so called Islamic State ‘warriors’ won’t be a problem when they return from their antics in support of Israel under the guise of creating an Islamic caliphate. Most of them left the UK without being too precise about where they were going, hiding the fact they were going to slaughter people. Once under the jurisdiction of their parents, I’ve no doubt they will be subdued. Especially when they find out that the Islamic caliphate is the brainchild of numerous Israeli controlled Mossad agents who are merely trying to blacken the name of Islam by behaving in such an extraordinary and brutal manner. I can’t believe how many mugs are being taken in by these people. Here is revealing some correspondence between Christopher Boleyn, an investigative journalist with John McCain’s office:


To see if Sen. John McCain knew the name of the person he was speaking with, I contacted his press office in Washington, D.C. on August 26. The following is the correspondence with his press officer, Julie Tarallo.  As you can see from this correspondence, McCain’s office was unable to provide the name of the man in the black shirt seen speaking with John McCain:

From: Christopher Bollyn
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 11:28 AM
To: Tarallo, Julie (McCain)
Subject: URGENT: Question about Person Speaking with Sen. McCain in Syria

Dear Ms Tarallo,

I have attached the photo of Senator McCain speaking with men associated with the Syrian opposition movement in May 2013.

My question is this: Who is the man in the black shirt in the lower left corner of the photo with whom Sen. McCain is speaking? If you do not know the name of this person how can you say that it is not Ibrahim al-Badri, as Thierry Meyssan has reported it to be?

This is what Thierry Meyssan has written about this person:

If we can see Brigadier General Idriss Salem, head of the Free Syrian Army, one can also see Ibrahim al-Badri (foreground on the left) with whom the senator is talking. Back from the surprise trip, John McCain claimed that all those responsible for the Free Syrian Army were “moderates who can be trusted” (sic).

However, since October 4, 2011, Ibrahim al-Badri (also known as Abu Du’a) was on the list of the five terrorists most wanted by the United States (Rewards for Justice). A premium of up to $10 million was offered to anyone who would assist in his capture. The next day, October 5, 2011, Ibrahim al-Badri was included in the list of the Sanctions Committee of the UN as a member of Al Qaeda. 

In addition, a month before receiving Senator McCain, Ibrahim al-Badri, known under his nom de guerre as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, created the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) – all the while still belonging to the staff of the very “moderate” Free Syrian Army…

*  *  *

From: “Tarallo, Julie (McCain)” Julie_Tarallo@mccain.senate.gov
To: Christopher Bollyn
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 8:04 PM
Subject: RE: URGENT: Question about Person Speaking with Sen. McCain in Syria

Hi Christopher,

On background, no, this is a fighter in the Northern Storm Brigade, a Free Syrian Army-affiliated group with a long history of fighting against ISIS. The picture was taken during Senator McCain’s May 2013 visit to Syria when he met with Free Syrian Army commanders from across the country, including the Northern Storm Brigade. After the meeting, ISIS actually issued a death threat against anyone who met with Senator McCain, as this story points out: http://eaworldview.com/2013/10/syria-spotlight-latest-fighting-isis-northern-storm-azaz/

Also, see this Reuters report from October 2013 about Northern Storm fighting against ISIS. It also cites an audio message released by ISIS which attacks Senator McCain as “the American pig”: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/10/02/us-syria-crisis-azaz-idUSBRE9910GJ20131002

And to demonstrate how truly absurd this allegation is, ISIS has already stated that Senator McCain is among their main adversaries, as it recently targeted him as “the enemy” and “crusader” in its first propaganda magazine – see story on that here: http://freebeacon.com/national-security/new-isil-mag-touts-ethics-of-execution-targets-sen-mccain/



*  *  *

From: Christopher Bollyn, Aug 26 at 8:28 PM
To: Tarallo, Julie (McCain)

Dear Julie,

Thank you for your response but I hope you understand that it is not enough to simply say that this person is “a fighter”. I mean surely Senator McCain’s security detail must have identified and vetted all the people he met during this meeting?

So, what is this person’s name? I mean he was photographed talking with Senator McCain on a visit that was surely a dangerous mission, given all the hostility against the senator, as you point out.

Are we to believe that Senator McCain was meeting with fighters from the Syrian opposition who were not identified and checked prior to the meeting? Again, if you can’t identify the person by his complete name, how can you say that it is not Ibrahim al Badri, as Thierry Meyssan says? Their faces are certainly quite similar.

With many thanks,

Christopher Bollyn

*  *  *

Re: URGENT: Question about Person Speaking with Sen. McCain in Syria

From:                 Christopher Bollyn
To:                       Julie_Tarallo@mccain.senate.gov;
Date:                  Tuesday, August 26, 2014 10:23 PM

Dear Julie,

You wrote and said that the man in the black shirt is “a fighter in the Northern Storm Brigade, a Free Syrian Army-affiliated group with a long history of fighting against ISIS.”

I watched a video made by TIME magazine about the Northern Storm Brigade from this website: http://www.trackingterrorism.org/group/azaz-northern-storm-brigade

The video is here: http://www.time.com/time/video/player/0,32068,2280140412001_2140288,00.html

At 4’45” into the video one of the speakers calls for the re-establishment of the Caliphate, which is what the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL) is meant to do. I don’t see a lot of difference between the two, Northern Storm Brigade and IS, if you see what I mean.

A screen shot from a video made of the Northern Storm group, whose fighters met with John McCain in Syria, shows that the Northern Storm group calls for creating the Caliphate of the Islamic State, which is exactly what IS (ISIS, ISIL) did in 2014. It does not seem that there is any ideological difference between the fighters John McCain met with in May 2013 and the IS group, which reportedly beheaded the American journalist James Foley.

See attached photo from 4’45” of the video with translation of what he is saying.

Many thanks,

Christopher Bollyn


As Mr Boleyn points out, US security being as it is, they simply would not allow McCain to meet someone known as a ‘fighter from Northern Storm’ in such circumstances (a covert and illegal visit to Syria), the danger to him would be immense. Everyone at the McCain meeting would have been fully vetted by the CIA to make sure he wasn’t in a dangerous position, especially when we consider the threat of kidnapping in Syria.

I don’t know what this IS leader is really called, there are accusations his name isn’t Arabic anyhow. If I were to contemplate being an active participant in a particular cause, I would certainly make sure it was just and beyond reproach. Maybe some of them think ISrael needs all the help it can get.


Mr Obama, you tell more lies than Mr Bush.

From the moment he claimed the Palestinians should be treated much fairer soon after he became President, Obama has told lots of lies. However, his most recent ones are probably his worst.

He claimed Assad soldiers had used chemical weapons on his own people. This has since turned out to be total fabrication and now it is generally accepted that it was the so called moderate FSA that committed the atrocity. Despite this CW attack, he continued to support the FSA, supplying them with weapons and training. McCain even visited Syria illegally and met with a man who looks very much like the leader of the Islamic State. This act of treason by McCain proves to me just how corrupt worldwide politics are. If he’s so friendly with Obama to go and do his bidding in Syria it makes sense that he was his fall guy for the presidency. A stage prop.

He condemned Hamas and then demanded they return the IDF soldier they had allegedly captured (not kidnapped, soldiers are allowed to be taken prisoner of war to stop them killing the capturers). There was  slight problem, Hamas hadn’t captured anyone. He was so eager to do Netanyahu’s boot polishing, he jumped the gun.

He lied about saving the Iraqi’s that were fleeing into the mountains. He was much more concerned with his corporate friends oil assets in the Kurdish areas.

He claimed Russian separatists had blown a Malaysian passenger jet out of the sky. Just a quick search on Google leaves this particular lie in tatters. It’s been proven that two fighter jets attacking the plane from opposing sides brought the plane down. Only Ukrainian jets were close to that location and Obama has been silent about this accusation for weeks now.


Bogus terrorism.

Israeli’s suffer perpetual bogus terrorism syndrome. Most governments wants us all to suffer from it so that they can ‘protect us’ from the constant threat of those awful terrorists. We, like the Israelis are far more likely to die natural deaths, typically human disease related or from fatal accidents whilst doing home improvements or in road traffic accidents, perhaps. The one thing we shouldn’t worry about is terrorism, because it’s so statistically unlikely that it’s rendered none existent. So what’s the purpose of the horror stories of dirty bombs and blood thirsty extremists? More to the point, why do we totally ignore the real victims of terrorism….

The vast majority of real victims are of course living in regions with valuable resources and are usually not of pinky white skin colour and this is one of the reasons we ignore their suffering, most white people don’t give a second thought to ‘brown’ babies. Even though these victims live in very similar cohesive social environments as we do, ‘we’ don’t quite think they can possibly hurt as much as we do or that they aren’t as affected as we would be. Yes they have very different customs and habits to ours but apart from this aspect they are just the same as us. In many places they have to live under constant surveillance by drones, never knowing if their home has been selected to be flattened and all who live in it exterminated. That’s what I call terrorism.

Just because Obama, Cameron, or Hollande has ordered it doesn’t make any less of an act of terrorism. In fact, aren’t we supposed to be the civilised ones? The last terrorism we suffered was the tube bombings. Blair wouldn’t allow a proper investigation and none of the bodies endured autopsies, which was very odd. Tony knew best, eh? Anyhow, I digress.

So why do we terrorise these foreigners, think we’re better than them and then claim they want to kill us ‘because of our freedom’? We terrorise them to steal their resources, it’s kind of a distraction. Then when they try to stand up for themselves we call them savages and then spend lots of tax revenue (generally paid by the working classes) to buy highly technical weapons to bomb the shit out of them. It’s the same as when there is a war, it’s the working classes that die in them. It’s the ruling classes that decide the wars, normally to line their own pockets at our expense. It’s been going on for hundreds of years under various disguises but we don’t seem to have found a way to stop the cycle. If we cut the stinking rich out of this equation, we could all live perfectly comfortable, meaningful lives.

They know just how to keep us distracted, using very basic templates and adjusting it according to how questioning, inquisitive or how capable we are of critical thinking we might be. They aren’t super intelligent, we just don’t use our intelligence to change things.

Initially, my intention in this post was to differentiate between our imaginary perception of terrorism and the very real terrorism we are encouraging Israel to indulge in with regards the Palestinians. One day, the disregard we have for people just like us on the other side of the world will be mirrored and when it does, we can only hope we discover a resilience and determination comparable to the Palestinians and absolutely not like their thieving neighbours.

Gaza conflict: Erez crossing ‘attacked’ .

The subject header of this post is part of a BBC headline stating that Erez crossing had been closed due to rocket attacks from Gaza. So I did a Google web search and then an image search, neither of which produced any evidence of rocket attacks on Erez. Similarly, for all the thousands of rockets Gaza resistance have allegedly fired at Israel the web has remarkably few images of them. So we are having to rely on the integrity of the Israeli government and despite rarely providing evidence, believe their claims. Call me a cynic but Israeli spokespersons do not fill me with confidence, especially when you consider the lies and cover ups concerning the three Israeli students, who were known to be dead but that didn’t stop Israeli forces raiding 1200 West Bank homes and starting a ‘bring our boys home’ campaign. The rocket claims could be easily verified if independent observers were allowed access to various locations in Gaza and Israel. I do not believe Hamas would object to unbiased observers on the ground in the area but you can bet the Israelis wouldn’t allow it.


This is Alaa Abu Zeid in a hospital in East Jerusalem. Allison Deger from Modoweiss has reported that most of her family including her pregnant mother was killed by an Israeli air strike but because of her fragile state, had to keep the news of their deaths from her for a week. The report goes on to show pictures of young people who were seriously hurt during Israel’s murderous campaign but sadly these are only the tip of the iceberg. If you were a relative of hers, would you forgive and forget, watching her grow up in such sad circumstances? I wouldn’t, I’d fight the perpetrators until my last breath. The people that did this are psychopaths, there is no other word for it. When crimes like this are supported by almost 90% of Israeli Jews, it constitutes a serious problem. That’s a hell of a lot of psychopaths. All this misery is triggered by claims of thousands of rockets fired at Israel, very few of which are supported by any kind of evidence.


…Did IS/ISIS (Islamic State) attack Syria when surely if they were so concerned with the well being of their fellow Muslims, Israeli oppression of Palestinians was far more urgent? Don’t IS think that sixty plus years of crimes inflicted on the Palestinians isn’t enough to justify their intervention? No, the real reason is that IS are completely and utterly bogus. They were invented to create Oded Yinon’s plan of the fragmentation of Israel’s neighbours to stop them being a perceived threat. The reality is that all the close by countries combined could not disturb Israelis military domination, especially of the skies. The only way Israel would have incurred the wrath of neighbours is by being aggressive. Maybe that is the reason they want their ‘enemies’ weakened………. As I’ve said before, it puzzles me that so many educated people have been fooled by this Islamic Caliphate fraud. Maybe there are some very persuasive people looking after Israeli interests around the world.

Failed assassination attempt.

Israel have failed in an attempt to kill a leader of Hamas but they succeeded in killing his wife and child. From the BBC:

Hamas says the wife and child of its military commander, Mohammed Deif, have been killed in an Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip.

So during attempts to secure a long term deal with Hamas, Israel are trying to kill the very people they are sitting across a table from? Would you negotiate with someone who just killed your family in an attempt to kill you?  Why are the Palestinians expected to accept this kind of behaviour yet Israel starts a ground invasion because of things like this:hamas-rocket


I’ve encountered more dangerous objects driving home from work. I don’t even think the local council would bother doing anything about the road surface from this impact.

Israelis take cover on the side of a road as a siren sounds warning of incoming rockets outside the northern Gaza Strip


And what’s all this about?

The over inflated, implied danger to Israelis is a ruse. The devastation they inflict on Gaza in particular cannot be compared to the occasional inconvenience of a rocket siren sounding. In fact, I’m no hero but I would stand in the open space of Israel content in knowing that I would not be hit by one of these over elaborate fireworks. That’s with the Iron Dome off. The ‘miserable lives living under siren warnings’ is nothing more than a gross exaggeration to justify killing the likes of Mohammed Deif’s family.

Its an absolute disgrace that the majority of the world governments accept this kind of state murder, whether it be by Israel or anyone else.

British murderer kills American journalist.

The BBC have missed out an important aspect of the IS murder of an American journalist. The killer was clearly British and should be very easy to identify. The video appears to show a killer with an unusual affliction these days….. Rickets . So if you know anyone with these characteristics who have departed these shores to go and fight for Greater Israel, you know who the murderer is.

Whoever convinced him he was going to fight for Islam was lying. Grabbing a couple of sentences out of a holy book and portraying them out of context is very clever, devious in fact but it doesn’t make it truthful. The killer has also caused a great disservice to genuine people coming back from perfectly innocent stays in the Middle East. The government will use this as an excuse to label them terrorists and revoke their passports.