Palestinian resistance take POW.

It appears that a faction of the Palestinian resistance have arrested an Israeli soldier despite determined efforts to deploy the Hannibal Directive*. Dozens of Palestinians have died in the attempt because they believed there was a ceasefire in place so were trying to resume their daily chores . The UN have condemned the Palestinians for breaking the ceasefire,  however it would appear the soldier was taken prisoner whilst the IDF were involved in operations connected to the Gaza invasion. If that is the case, it means that the Palestinians were responding to action which in actual fact meant that the IDF had broken the ceasefire. Trying to destroy the tunnels by way of which they resist is military action and so they broke the deal. Netyanyahu had previously insisted they would do this despite any ceasefire. Clearly, Hamas have the right to respond. it’s just been confirmed that Israel have admitted to destroying tunnels during the ceasefire which provoked the Palestinian response.

The White House has condemned the ‘barbaric breaking of the ceasefire’ by Hamas but the evidence thus far points to Hamas responding to IDF action. It has just been reported on the BBC that the arrested soldier may be dual British/Israeli nationality and if this were the case, it would be a major coup for the resistance.

From the BBC:

 BBC Monitoring has observed that so far more than 50 pages and groups have been created on Facebook calling for the release of captured Israeli soldier Hadar Goldin. Some of the pages have already received more than a thousand “likes”.
This would appear to confirm that the Israeli government are using all the resources available to them to produce such ‘spontaneous’ reaction from social networking.
* The Hannibal Directive means that Israel attempt to kill the arrested soldier as soon as they find he or she to be missing to stop them becoming a bargaining chip for the resistance to use.

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