Another ‘bring home our boy’s’ scam?

…Only this time it’s in the singular and I’m talking about the Israeli soldier who is supposed to be missing. Hamas have denied responsibility but that hasn’t stopped Israel using it’s newly supplied US weapons from obliterating Rafah. Just like the murdered students, who they knew were already dead before attacking the people of West Bank and arresting them, this soldier is probably already dead but he’s the perfect excuse to intensify the shelling.  If an Israeli spokesman opens his mouth, he’s undoubtedly lying. Where died Mark Regev get to? I haven’t seen him since he was totally destroyed by the BBC presenter a few days ago. Good riddance if he’s been withdrawn.


03-08-2014 edit.

The IDF have admitted today that the alleged kidnapped soldier is dead,  as I predicted would happen and the slaughter shortly after in Rafah was excused on the basis that they were desperately trying to find a soldier. Absolute bullshit.

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