Israeli criticism can no longer be silenced by anti-Semite accusations.

Three UN facilities being struck by a country that uses some of the most technologically advanced missile guidance systems known to man can no longer be dismissed as mistakes.

Each time Israel finds the excuse to bomb Gaza they kill more innocent civilians. They kill more children. They hit more UN facilities. They cause more damage to water and sewage treatment facilities. They do more damage to the electricity system. They destroy more homes. They drop more depleted uranium on Gaza.  Then they wait.

They wait for none existent criticism from our supposedly moral leaders. For instance, Obama and Cameron who are too busy trying to pick a fight with Putin.

They wait for official bodies to condemn them and if they do, they quickly try to slur the officials concerned, even if they are Jewish (does any justifiable criticism have to arise from a Jew for it to be believable?)

The problem is that the Israelis made a mistake when they cleared the settlers from Gaza some 8 or 9 years ago. Yes, it allows them to bomb Gaza without worrying about harming their fellow Jews but they didn’t know then what they know now.

Valuable assets have been found off the Gaza coast, primarily gas.

Does anyone think they would allow Gaza and the West Bank to benefit from these deposits? Not a chance! How about sharing the benefits? No way! How about they get rid of the Palestinians and claim the spoils for themselves?

They (Israel) created a 3 km buffer zone, pushing the people of Gaza into an even smaller area , roughly a 40% reduction.

Who is trying to push who into the sea?

Where are all the images of Israeli’s rushing to the bomb shelters?

Where are all the pictures of destruction these Hamas rockets cause?

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