Palestine and Israel (partially) explained … for Mr Cox.

Firstly, the wall and it’s implications.

Here is the (partly) built wall and it’s projected path:


This map isn’t a recent one but gives a good idea of what Israel had decided would happen.


The wall is still evolving and it’s direction moved at the whim of Israeli authorities. It is being built where the Israelis decide it will be built and there is no consultation. If Israel decides someone’s home is in the wall’s path, it is demolished. It is being built on Palestinian land. Would you allow a neighbour to build a partitioning wall in YOUR garden because he thinks you are a danger to himself and his family? Just for good measure, he’ll also include on his side of the wall your allotment which (in theory) could be your family’s only means of survival. Many Palestinian farmers have been conveniently separated from their own land which their family have owned for decades. There is no realistic chance of appeal, even though there is a process. The wall in it’s entirety has been condemned by many but more importantly by the International Court of Justice:

‘Israel’s construction of the separation wall in the occupied Palestinian territories and its associated regime are contrary to international law. In a non-binding advisory opinion delivered on 9 July 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, said Israel must cease construction of the wall and dismantle sections located in the occupied territories forthwith; repeal or render ineffective all related legislative and regulatory acts; compensate for damage caused; and, return Palestinian property or provide compensation if restitution is not possible.’

As it states, it is advisory but the Palestinians do not have the means to stop it. Wouldn’t any decent human being condemn a persons home being surrounded like the image below? If it was in the West, the likelihood is that it would be an outrageous prank, like something included in an edition of Candid Camera. Sadly, this family are living the nightmare (it could be argued it would have been more humane to demolish the house but that is only something the Israelis would know).

This is one of the realities it has created:


This house is actually owned by Christians living in Bethlehem and so this also calls into question the religious differences that is often used to describe the conflict. It’s about acquiring all the Palestinians land because they see them (majority Muslims but Christians too) as a threat to the Jewish State. Oh and because ‘God’ says so.

What would you think if your local council did this to you? Moreover, what would be the limitations of your resistance to this appalling decision? Hire a lawyer? Israeli courts don’t return verdicts in Palestinians favour very often and if they do , they tend to be ignored. Most civilians who have been killed by Israeli actions aren’t even given the decency of an investigation, never mind a trial for their alleged killers. You see, it’s a two tier system. Evidence used against the alleged (Palestinian) killers of of a family in a Jewish settlement would have been laughed out of virtually any other court room in the world. They couldn’t even work out how the killers could have gained access, then escaped from the settlement that was patrolled by the IDF and had extensive CCTV. The Palestinians were still convicted.

What is the basis for Israel to be created?

Initially it was the Jewish holocaust committed by Hitler but it’s hardly fair to be hounded out of one country and to then ethnically cleanse people in another country out of the homes that they have lived in for hundreds of years. At least 800,000 Palestinians were driven out by terrorist actions when complete villages were wiped out of their inhabitants and the land seized by marauding Jewish immigrants. As you can imagine, these Palestinians must have been terrified they would be next. There is also the very dubious claim that this region was given to the Jewish people by ….God. Personal religious beliefs are one thing, turning excerpts from an ancient book in to land registry documents…. Is stretching it. Unfortunately for their neighbours, Israel hasn’t finished yet.

Israeli wish list?

Promised Biblical Borders


The region above, inside the black marked zone is the area that God gave to the Jews. Perhaps this map explains Israel’s support for the Iraqi war and assisting ISIS in Syria…. But I digress..

I can see a distinct pattern emerging here …


They’ve already proven their acquisition skills. The image above has to bring into serious question the claim that the Palestinians want to wipe Israel off the map when the exact opposite is actually happening.

Pardon the religious expression but .. ‘There but for the grace of God go I ……..’



This is what might have happened to major parts of the UK if it had been our part of the world that had been designated the ‘promised land’.


So, the constant BBC mantra that the Palestinians attack Israel for no reason is mute. However, the attacks don’t just emanate from their treatment over the last 60 years, it’s what they are doing to Palestinians today that fuels the resistance. Palestinian leaders are routinely executed by drones and jet fighters, usually wiping out half his family in the process. His crime? Being a spokesman for the people, an elected official in many cases. Then there are the checkpoints, situated to cause maximum inconvenience. As a comparison, perhaps four or five checkpoints to get from Birchwood to Lincoln County Hospital, any one of which could deny you access to an important consultancy. Smug, gun toting 20 year old’s deciding our every move, I’m sure we’d accept that without a fuss. There is a lot more than just these few examples, all designed to make the lives of Palestinians as miserable as possible, there is no military need or security requirement for many of the things Israel do.

Most of the crimes and inhuman treatment Israelis inflict on the Palestinians goes under the radar. For instance, here is a list of items that Israel wouldn’t allow into Gaza (it may not be an up to date list of banned products, but all the same at some point, they have been banned):

1. jam   2. chocolate    3. textiles
4. fruit juice    5. plastic toys    6. Notebooks
7. Toys    8. Cardamom    9. Tea
10. Musical Instruments    11. Cattle    12. Goats
13. Horses    14. Chickens    15. Honey
16. Fresh Meat    17. Vinegar    18. Concrete
19. Writing tools    20. seeds    21. crackers
22. biscuits   23. paper   24. crayons
25.   mattresses    26. light bulbs    27. wheelchairs

Even when the Palestinians comply with Israeli demands there is no respite for them. Promises to ease the blockade have been broken even after ceasefires have been adhered to. Israel have provoked Hamas when it decides its ready for another attack and therefore been instrumental in the failure of all recent ceasefires. They execute anyone in Gaza who they regard to be a threat and these attacks are often the provocation for Hamas to fire rockets BUT aren’t covered in detail by mainstream media. We see the response, not the provocation.

This is only a tiny part of what really has been going on during Israel’s murderous conquest of Palestine. Ignore the news, they have an agenda that doesn’t accommodate the Palestinians. The BBC in particular always depict the Israelis as victims even though the Palestinians have no army, air force, navy nor $3 billion a year in aid from the US to primarily buy weapons with. They have no Iron Dome to protect them, they have no air raid shelters. The elaborate concrete tunnels the Israelis have used for photo shoots bear no resemblance to what real ‘Hamas’ tunnels would be like so we can dismiss those claims as pure fabrication and the reason Israel has been able to carry on and continue it’s devastating assault on Gaza.





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