Ambulance drivers.

I’m far too squeamish to be one. It must be very stressful at times and like all of the emergency services, we are lucky to have such a high level of coordination and expertise (despite rather than because of the management in some regions). I’ve been doing a little research on ambulance drivers in Gaza (thanks to Eman) and it seems (in comparison) that regardless of our overcrowded and in places, extremely hazardous roads, our safe systems of work are very effective.

I’m sure ambulance drivers in Gaza have rules and regulations they have to adhere to and for all I know, the roads might be much more dangerous to drive down. Elements of danger for these people must be relatively similar around the world, I expect.

That is ….. Until the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) get involved.

It would appear that when the IDF are around in Gaza, being an ambulance driver isn’t just dangerous, it’s positively suicidal. From available information and it’s probably not complete SEVEN personnel have been killed, SIXTEEN injured (how seriously, I don’t know) and TWENTY ambulances totally destroyed. I understand that these ambulances aren’t as well defined as ours might be but then again, (I hope) our sky isn’t full of drones watching every movement on the ground.

So extremely high resolution drone video footage as well as photographic images, with real time availability to military personnel and the IDF cannot define a vehicle attempting to save innocent lives from a rocket launcher? I would imagine they have state of the art viewing apparatus too and yet despite this, TWENTY ambulances were totally destroyed?

So the attacks on UN sanctuaries, schools and it seems ambulances were carried out despite their array of highly technological equipment, totally unopposed air superiority and their self proclaimed moral code. I suggest next time (because, yes there will be a next time unless world leaders suddenly acquire back bones) that the IDF don’t bother with their usual methods of trying to avoid civilian casualties. It should be much safer for the kids, women and ambulance personnel of Gaza that way.


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