Facts and figures from Operation Protective Edge.

Here’s the description for “Israeli” victims

‘Since the start of the conflict, 64 IDF soldiers have been killed, as well as two Israeli civilians and a Thai worker.’

Why is the Thai worker separate? If he’s in Israel and isn’t a soldier he’s a civilian, unless he was working on military installations then he could be regarded as a fair target but I don’t know.

If the above Israeli total number of civilians include the ‘civilian’ delivering food to an IDF military post then HE IS NOT a civilian. He was a part of the military operation and therefore a legitimate target. If the other victim is the Bedouin Arab who is part of thousands of Bedouin Arabs who are NOT given the security of bomb shelters then his death is squarely the fault of the Israeli government because of it’s disregard for none Jewish citizens.

64 legitimate targets

1 (possibly 2 civilians)

I don’t have to go into the details of the IDF slaughter, a conservative figure would be 70% civilians.

There is only one conclusion. The Gaza resistance, I applaud your conscientious, humanitarian and moral attitude in the face of such overwhelming power.

IDF your self proclaimed ‘most moral army in the world’ claim is a joke . This simply confirms what any reasonable person knew anyhow.




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