England V India Fourth Test, Old Trafford.

It’s been raining in Manchester, that’s a shocker. I don’t like the Indians, they conspired to get our most successful bowler in recent years banned from the rest of the series. Typical Indian behaviour, in my experience. That’s not to condemn all Indians, some are great.

My next whinge is about Michael Vaughan. I know every aspect of the BBC is corrupt but considering Vaughan’s awful voice tone, his continual over the top, forced laughter and his complete lack of charisma, how on earth did he become a regular BBC commentator?

Andrew Flintoff’s extraordinary performances in the 2005 Ashes series meant that Vaughan’s captaincy was relatively easy and he didn’t bother the scorers too much with his own batting. So his England career wasn’t that spectacular and his recent appeals for Cook to be dropped because of lack of runs simply mirrors the woeful form at the tail end of his own International career. Unlike Vaughan, who now thinks the sun shines out of Cooks nether regions, I think he should still go. Why does the England captaincy go (mostly) to very boring cricketers? That’s not so bad but why do the BBC then employ them? Strauss has a likeable manner about him, Atherton has a dry wit that surfaces occasionally but the best of the lot is David Lloyd (all Sky pundits) who to  my knowledge has never captained England. Sadly, the radio in my car isn’t DAB so I can’t listen to the Sky commentary but if Vaughan is commentating on the BBC, music is initiated. Sod off back to Come Dancing and save my ears from your tedious drone.


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