Israel will now pay for it’s wanton destruction and total disregard for life in Gaza…..

….Actually it won’t .

American tax payers paid for the missiles that slaughtered everything in their path.

American tax payers paid for the Iron Dome which (so we are told) stops any fireworks, I mean rockets from raining down on Israel. Surely you must have seen all those damaged Israeli buildings on the news? No, neither did I but I did hear sirens wailing and Israeli’s looking a little fretful. Bedouin Arabs have appealed for protection but Israel don’t even bother firing the Iron Dome at rockets going towards the Bedouin, never mind building shelters (even though they are Israeli citizens…. Wrong religion though, apparently).

We all pay for damage to UN buildings, and the massive upsurge in costs related to 450,000 Gazans being displaced, not to mention the damage to homes that the UN will try to help the inhabitants of. I could’t create a list in WordPress so I had to upload a photo of UN funding. I said we all pay for it but that’s not entirely true:


One of a number of countries missing from the list is Israel, so they will not be contributing either.

EU tax payers have contributed millions to various projects in Palestine, one that springs to mind is a Solar panel development in a more rural region. Israel promptly decided it was somehow illegal and removed and/or destroyed them. You might ask what harm giving electric to a small community of Arabs who weren’t close to the normal electricity supply would do. I asked myself the same questions. Apparently hundreds of EU funded help to Palestine has been destroyed by Israel.

In answer to my statement: Israel won’t pay for the weapons they used, nor the damage they made. An absolutely free war for Israel. But, didn’t the Palestinians start legal proceedings regarding war crimes? Yes, they did, so let the International Courts deal with them.

Actually, no because it seems that the other half of the Palestinian unity government have today withdrawn their complaints against Israel. If the Gaza people cannot rely on those allegedly representing them, who can they rely on?


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