Now is the time to ‘Boycott Egypt’.

The slimy little despot Sisi has done enough to damage Gaza now. The Egyptian tourism industry needs hitting hard. All the so called patriotic American Congressmen (and women) should take proceedings against Obama for breaking American laws and subsidising a country taken over by a military coup. Obama can call it what he likes, it was a military coup against an elected government. I have no time for the Muslim Brotherhood, they seem a bit cranky to me , but Sisi is an Israeli collaborator.


One thought on “Now is the time to ‘Boycott Egypt’.

  1. g’morning,,,,,

    i read an egyptian pro-sisi/palestinian resistants trasher writing on her social wall
    “”O,HOW I LONG 2 PRAY IN AL-AQSA”” ,,, all i thought is “”O,DREAM ON WE’L SHUT IT CLOSE IN UR FACE!””

    thank u,luvli blog :}

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