One comment on “Where are all the Israeli spokesmen to explain this destruction?

  1. g’day 2 u :}

    the sniveling israeli puppeteers would whoop the usual :~
    “”i will answer unequivocally,unconditionally …i’v been plotting and memorizing my lies transcript 4 hours 2 preform 4 u an unconvincing act””
    “”i’m not aware…when i have more info i’l come bak 2 u with more lies””
    “”i’ll say it again…. i’l be very clear,we dont target journalists,civilians,medical crews… we target khamas””

    a concept theorized by “moshe dayan” in arabic its {كيّ الوعي} and in english the nearest translation i could think of is {the maltreatment of the conscious}
    it stands on the ground of hitting the resistance in its vitals and mortal spots …its a manifestation of the zionist fascism 2ward the counter population 2 push them in2 a state of repugnance so in the end-result they become soo horrified of the thought of attacking bak their oppressor in fear of retaliation and consequences
    ,….and build a convection and develop a self-admission that summarizes in “THERES NO POINT IN REBELLIONS ACTS,OUR ENEMY IS UN-DEFEAT-ABLE”
    all wut goes on in palestine of slow genocide,apartheid,war crimes against humanity,destruction… is an active employment of that concept
    its characteristic act of physiological war,,,
    a few 2 mention…if u got no power ,,u cant generate clean water –>u’r drinking dirty water–>u’l get sick and ur health will deteriorate and u wont be able 2 think of anything but ur sickness,,
    ,,u cant pump water 2 ur farms {wuts left of it after burning vastness fields during the ground advancement in2 the land during their assault} –> ur means of living will no longer support u! wut a man would think of himself if he cant feed his youngsters? in vein!
    ,,u cant get lights 2 calm ur children when they wake up terrorized at nite from the horrendous nitemares they witness all day long and follows them in2 their dreams,,
    ,,u wont be able 2 connect beyond ur siege 2 get cheered by the warmth support of the citizens of earth and their solidarity acts that’d left up ur morals…knowing u arent alone in ur continuous struggle 4 ur freedom!

    but wut condolences the heart is that they’r taking this mentality bak home with them after each invasion…the street of every jewish city is dungeoned with shelters…loud with sirens…havoc in array! HOW IS THAT 4 BEING AFRAID?
    hamas rockets r metaphoric flares, can u imagine if the palestinians obtained a higher scaled ammunition! THEY’L EVACUATE WILLINGLY OUT OF FEAR IN MATTER OF DAYS{luvli thought}!

    thank u….

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